exercises to fix shoulders in San Diego Exercises to Fix Shoulders | 3 Videos
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We would like to thank CrossFit Oracle in Chula Vista for hosting our workshop on fixing shoulders this past weekend.  We covered several principles and techniques, with the key takeaway being 3 key exercises to fix shoulders.  Read on to … Continued

Chula Vista Shoulder Pain Shoulder Pain in Chula Vista | Solve It
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For anyone with shoulder pain in Chula Vista, there’s an amazing, free Movement Rx workshop for you. After low back pain, shoulder pain and shoulder performance are the most frequent reasons for patient visits at our clinics. We’ve worked with … Continued

Shoulder pain workshops San Diego Shoulder Pain & Performance Workshops in San Diego

For you CrossFitters out there, we’ve got shoulder pain workshops in San Diego for you.  The 2017 Open is probably still fresh in your minds.  As always, the Open taxes the shoulders…heavily.  After low back issues, shoulder pain and shoulder … Continued

brute strength podcast Brute Strength Podcast
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SMASH PRS WITH UNILATERAL EXERCISES FT. ANDERS VARNER & THERESA LARSON This week on the Brute Strength Podcast I interview Anders Varner and Theresa Larson,, founders of “The Low Back Fix“. On this week’s episode, we focus on a few … Continued

Wodcast Podcast
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Dr. T discusses the importance of assessment, your low back pain and how to help fix it, and a whole plethora of awesome nuggets. To make an appointment with a Movement Rx Doctor of Physical Therapist visit: www.movement-rx.com To learn more … Continued

Doc & Joc Podcast
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The Adaptive Athlete with Theresa Larson This week we sit down with Movement RX physical therapist, Mobility Wod instructor, and soon to be mommy Theresa Larson to discuss the challenges associated with being an Adaptive Athlete.  This is a small … Continued

RDella Strength Training Podcast
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Dr. Theresa Larson is this week’s featured guest. She has an amazing story and a fantastic approach to training and performance. You’ll learn all about it in this week’s show. Dr. Theresa Larson received her doctorate in physical therapy and … Continued

barbell shrugged back pain Barbell Shrugged Podcast
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How to Fix Your Lower Back Pain: Episode 240 We drop into MovementRX this week to talk all things mobility with Theresa Larson and Anders Varner. We dive into lower back pain and how you can identify and fix the … Continued

squatting Coach Ray on CW6 News: Forget the apple. Squatting everyday keeps the doctor away!

We’ve all heard doctors say “Don’t squat below parallel. It’s bad for your knees”. That’s completely bogus! Our bodies are BUILT to squat below parallel. Watch how a toddler changes levels from standing to reach for something on the ground. … Continued

standing workstation tips The RIGHT Way to Use a Standing Workstation
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By now almost everyone has heard about the benefits of a standing work station, or at least the terrors of sitting too much. (Graphics are from Custom Made) You’ve also likely heard a counter-argument. As with most things these days, … Continued

becoming a warrior Real Strength Matters: Becoming a Warrior
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Today, our guest is Theresa Larson who is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and the Founder of Movement Rx, a company that provides personalized movement performance. Movement Rx specializes in helping athletes, crossfitters, and everyone else with individualized wellness and … Continued