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How to Boost your Metabolism for Weight Loss

Ever wonder why weight seems to stay on past your mid 30s even though you’re eating the same as you always were?

Is it your metabolism? Or something else? And how can you make long lasting changes in your weight?

The answer may surprise you: Metabolism is remarkably stable from age 20-60 years, meaning we CANNOT blame a slow metabolism for weight gain in our 30s and 40s or 50s. But we CAN blame the loss of muscle mass that happens after age 30.

Why? Because muscle mass requires a lot of energy to maintain (compared to fat mass) For example: a 150# person with 20% body fat will have a higher metabolism than a 150# person with 40% body fat.

So what can you do?




#1. Build more muscle

Remember, if you’re over age 30, if you’re not actively engaged in resistance training exercise, your muscles are slowly shrinking, or “atrophying” over time.  And if your weight has stayed the same or trending upward, that’s usually because you’re gaining body fat at the same time.

However, the more muscle mass that you have, the higher your metabolism will be, and the more you’ll be able to resist middle aged weight gain.  As little as 2 times per week of resistance training per muscle group can get the job done!



#2 Take inventory of your activity levels, and try to boost them

When it comes to metabolism, scheduled exercise usually only adds a few hundred extra calories burned per day. Compare that to general daytime activity levels, which can sometimes add 1,000-2,000 calories burned per day, and you’ll see that there is barely a comparison when it comes to boosting your metabolism: being active throughout the day is a clear winner.

Take frequent walks, alternate between sitting and standing during the day, and feel free to fidget in your seat….these all add up to a higher metabolic burn at the end of the day. As a bonus, your body will FEEL better as well with less joint stiffness and more fluidity

#3. Get your protein in

Increasing your protein doesn’t just help your muscles and tissues repair from exercise, it also has the perk of boosting your metabolism by as much as 100 calories per day.

Eating protein-rich foods can increase your metabolism by 15-30% simply because proteins take more energy to digest! Be sure to include plant-based sources as well: beans, nuts, and seeds to ensure you’re getting enough fiber to keep your digestion smooth.


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