Well-being Workshops for Employees

Employee Well-Being Workshops

Watch employees get "happier and healthier before your eyes."

Provide employees simple and sticky self-care secrets that solve pain, address burnout, improve emotional resilience, and reduce stress.

Eliminate barriers to their productivity & set records for retention and ‘Thank Yous'.

We'll do the work. You'll get the credit.

Who is this For?

You’re in the right place if

If you're a Leader

that believes your people can be your competitive advantage and you want to do something meaningful for them.

If you are a HR, Benefits, or People

pro looking to invest in quick and easy high-impact well-being solutions.

If you're getting hints

that your people are privately dealing with far more than they're letting you know about.

If you want to prevent

employee burnout and improve engagement.

If specific data about

your workforce's current wellbeing can help you take action to make your org a better place to work.

If you want a partner

you can trust, that walks the talk, that can take charge and influence your employees.

If you face more than 5%

annual increase in benefits cost and want to start getting a handle on that.

Here's the truth.

Physical and mental health may seem like big, scary and complex problems. And in some cases they are. But the VAST majority of medical cases (up to 96% in the case of MSK) are totally preventable.

You can ensure employees are healthy & present enough to do their best work by introducing them to simple self-care secrets that simultaneously improve physical AND emotional health.

However, they have to be taught in a way that engages and empowers your employees, otherwise these techniques are forgotten in a week and never become a health habit.

The key concept is that employees struggle with physical and emotional health not because they don’t have the desire to be healthy, but because they’re unsure where to start or are too scared or embarrassed to take action.

When they do take action they often lose momentum quickly because they lack guidance and that fear or embarrassment re-appears before they get traction.

Here’s Why People Leaders Are Relying on These Workshops

Would you like to get an email like these after EVERY workshop?

"That was THE BEST presentation we have ever had. Period."

Benefits Leader, Bridgepoint Education

"This program saved my job."

Active Duty Sailor, NAVSEA SWRMC

"I have never seen these people smile so much. Thank you for that."

HR Director, Ashford University

"I can't wait to start the next program!"

Call Center Employee, GreatCall

"It was GREAT and the instructor was amazing! The “non-serious” relaxed atmosphere was needed. I chatted with a few colleagues already who absolutely loved it and thought it was remarkable the difference they felt within 15-20 minutes.

Department Head, Intuit

This is what we expect you to receive after each and every workshop.

A Sampling of Who Will Present to Your Team

Dr. Theresa Larson


Jon Macaskill

Retired Navy SEAL Commander

Dr. Marissa Rescott

DPT and Sleep Researcher

Will Schneider

Co-Host of Men Talking Mindfulness, Yoga Instructor

Lindsay Renteria

Strength & Fitness Coach

Nikki Ledford

Nutrition Expert and Chef

Dr. Theresa Larson


Dr. Theresa Larson (aka “Dr. T”) has become one of the wellness world’s most sought after experts on movement health. Dr. Larson earned her doctorate in physical therapy from the University of Saint Augustine in San Diego, CA. A former Marine Corps Engineer Officer and Combat Veteran, Dr. T also authored a memoir titled WARRIOR that details her own mental wellness journey.
Dr. T is determined to deliver movement and mindset health to as many people as possible with her team – including adaptive athletes, as she is an adaptive athlete herself.
A TEDx speaker, she is also a motivational speaker for companies, helping individuals and teams understand how to take back control over their own health. She has taught movement health to employees on 4 continents and is the creator of the popular online programs the Low Back Fix, Shoulder Fix, Knee Fix, and Functional Training for Adaptive Athletes.
You can find Dr. T in her San Diego neighborhood pushing a weighted sled around with her husband and 2 young boys.

Jon Macaskill

Retired Navy SEAL Commander

Jon Macaskill is a retired Navy SEAL Commander turned mindfulness and meditation teacher.
A graduate of the US Naval Academy, Jon has served in Iraq, Afghanistan, off the coast of Somalia, and in Panama. He formerly served as the Deputy Executive Director for Veteran’s PATH, a nonprofit organization that works to introduce meditation and mindfulness to veterans to bring them a sense of Peace, Acceptance, Transformation and Honor.
He also now brings mindfulness and meditation to high performing teams to aid in dealing with stress, anxiety and depression all while increasing focus, creativity, and productivity.
Jon’s wife, Beka, also served in the Navy and is now a civilian Orthopedic Physician Assistant. Together, they are the proud parents of two small children and recently after spending 6 months in an RV, have settled as a family in Colorado Springs.

Dr. Marissa Rescott


Marissa is a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy AND has her doctorate in Sleep Science. Native to Upstate New York State, she grew up in the great outdoor playground of the Finger Lakes and went on to complete her undergraduate degree at St. Lawrence University where she studied neuroscience and first developed an appreciation for how the body and mind respond to pain and other stressors.
As a former collegiate runner, CrossFit coach, and lifetime adventurer, Marissa is passionate about empowering every person she comes across to move freely and live fearlessly.

  • Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Ph.D in Sleep Science

Will Schneider

Will is an incredibly welcoming and encouraging presenter and teacher. A trained yoga instructor who has developed an expertise in mindfulness, breathwork, burnout and compassion, Will is the go-to presenter for developing self-mastery.

Will strips away all the fancy words and esoteric language to help employees embody these practices in a meaningful and sustainable way. His approach has made him one of the most sought-after teachers in all of New York City an beyond.

He is also the co-host of the popular Men Talking Mindfulness podcast.

Lindsay Renteria

Lindsay Renteria is a 7-time CrossFit Regionals competitor who began her athletic background in gymnastics at the age of 4. She competed in gymnastics for 10 years and coached the sport for an additional 4 years. Lindsay graduated from Cal State University, San Marcos, in 2012 and has been coaching CrossFit and personal training since 2010. She makes fitness fun and has a passion for helping people move, eat, and live better. When she is not at the gym, she enjoys snowboarding, hiking, and biking along the beach.

  • B.S in Kinesiology
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • Precision Nutrition 1
  • Gymnastics Coach
  • CPR/First Aid

Nikki Ledford

Nikki Ledford is a chef, nutrition consultant, and natural foods expert based in Southern California. She believes that physical health and natural movement can be best supported by a diet consisting of real, whole foods.

Nikki’s own nutrition journey was borne out of a lifelong struggle with allergies, intolerances, insecurities, and frustrations. When Nikki began to experiment with her diet — nutrition quality, food source, preparation method, etc. — she began to experience noticeable changes in her body.

Drawing on personal experience and a desire to help others with similar issues, she decided to pursue nutrition full time. In 2011, she graduated from Bauman College, a holistic nutrition and culinary arts academy, in Santa Cruz, California, moved to Southern California, and launched her own business.

In her career, Nikki has helped a wide range of people — from cancer patients to elite-level athletes — achieve health goals and improve overall performance through better nutrition.

Want to Skip Ahead and Schedule a Discovery Call?

How do the MRx Employee Well-being Workshops Work?

Each workshop is about 55 minutes and includes Q&A. But there's FAR more to it than just the live virtual session.

Here's how we like to work with you to develop the workshops and elevate their impact.

Onboarding: MRx Employee Self-Assessments

Before the first workshop, our quick and simple Work Health self-assessments give employees useful data around their emotional and physical function, plus insights into work fulfillment. Only aggregate info is tracked to identify areas ripe for impact. You then get an understanding of overall employee physical and emotional health status, health risk, and work fulfillment. Plus see how that compares to other populations and what can be done to improve those scores.

Onboarding: Identify What Your Employees REALLY Want and Need

We work with you to understand the stated and un-stated wants and needs of the people in your organization. Claims data can be helpful, but we find that our simple survey provides the information that sets you up for ongoing engagement and impact.

Onboarding: Choose the Well-being Curriculum

With that data in hand we work with you to design a well-being workshop schedule of topics. Common options include aligning topics with monthly observances or planning a deeper dive through progressive series (i.e. Food and Feelings, The Body Fix, Burnout and Compassion, etc). We have over 120 topics to choose from. Plan the whole year, or just the first quarter.

Monthly: Workshop Promotions and Awareness

Let us design the assets and campaigns, or simply support any existing protocols you have. Emails, fliers, graphics, videos - you name it, we can create it. We like to segment the message for leaders, for early adopters, for the masses and for those who just don't normally participate.

Monthly: Delivering the Workshop(s)

Well-being education needs to be engaging and entertaining. It needs to speak to the heart and the mind. All of our workshops are led by engaging presenters, include interesting polls and include interactive activities. As for tech - we are platform agnostic. Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet.

Monthly: Workshop After Action Tools

So we just delivered an engaging workshop that employees are jazzed about. Now what? Every workshop has a set of After Action resources so employees have a 'What's Next' to create behaviors. A related Challenge, a list of recipes, a go-to list of short videos are all good ideas.

Monthly: How Did We Do? Let's Check the Feedback.

We can request the feedback or provide you a suggested survey to get feedback. We make sure to ask before the end of the workshop AND in a separate email afterwards. It is amazing how valuable the nuggets of information are when you ask the right questions!

Monthly: Get the Rx with Our Reporting

We'll share the quantitative and qualitative insights with you after the workshop. We'll work together to update the well-being prescription - the Rx - and update our approach to addressing employees’ immediate and long-term well-being outcomes.

Learn How to Get this for Your Organization

Learn How to Get this for Your Organization

Schedule a Call to discuss how the MRx Workshops might work for your organization.

Schedule a Call

Schedule a Call to Learn More

Click the button below to schedule a time to talk with our Chief Delight Officer - Per Larson - to see how you can ensure employees are healthy & present enough to do their best work.

Together, we’ll discuss your goals for what a training could look like for your organization, what you’ve tried before, and make sure this works for your organization.

Click to Schedule

FAQs: As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

How quickly can we schedule a Workshop?

That's tough to answer. If we thread the needle with the right topic, day and time, we can get you on the calendar as quickly as next week. Typically we'll schedule the first workshop a month after we agree to work together. Want to discover if this is a good fit? Find a time to talk here: https://movement-rx.com/mrx-employee-workshop-discussion/

Upon submitting a calendar time, you'll have the option to coordinate details on a call or via email.

How can I make sure I get employee messages like those in your testimonials?

Simple. Just schedule the sessions at an appropriate time, use our marketing to encourage engagement with the self-assessments, and participate yourself! You’ll see or hear about employees using these techniques on their own, and - with your org's permission - we’ll share their amazing feedback on our website!

How do you handle employee confidentiality?

Great question. Every employee's assessment data is private and never shared. We do discuss population-level results with you during the After Action call. During the actual Seminar, employees can ask questions anonymously. What we have found is that many employees REALLY DO want to share how they're feeling, and that can happen via the chat tool if the employee wishes.

Is this inclusive of all types of physical abilities?

Absolutely. We are actually thought leaders in making health & fitness accessible to what we call the Adaptive population. Wheelchair, missing limb, congenital challenge, TBI - you name it and we can make it work.

What if we aren’t sure if employees have physical or emotional health issues?

The MRx Workshops can be used both pre-emptively and reactively. So whether employees have diagnoses or not, they will get something out of the training. FYI, EVERY SINGLE self-insured employer we speak to lists musculoskeletal (i.e. physical) and mental (i.e. emotional) health as top 4 insurance claims costs.

What days are workshops available?

Workshops are typically scheduled for 1 hour. Popular times are late morning to early afternoon, M-F. However, with enough planning we can make most times work, as long as they fall between 8am and 10pm ET.

Will I get anything to share with employees?

We will provide promotional materials and links for employees to learn about and register for the workshops. The after action resources and recording for each session will be provided within 24 hours of the workshop.

How are the Workshops different from other wellness seminars?

For any well-being topic, there are the dynamism of the presenter, the examples and cues they provide, and the research use to support the presentation. But most important is the sense that the presenter CARES about the attendees. We combine dynamic speakers, proven cues, useful data, and a philosophy of caring. Plus all the expert logistics, promotions and data analytics stuff.

We have already had your team provide us training before. Will there be new material?

Thank you for believing in our approach to health and well-being, and our ability to effectively teach that approach. We are always evolving and updating our trainings based on new clinical insights and research. Chances are you haven't had all the 100+ workshop topics taught to your team!

How often can we have Workshops?

Most organizations do one a month, but those with multiple divisions, time zone considerations or shift work might schedule more each month.

What if an employee can’t make it to the live training?

While attending the live virtual session is great for team-building and for getting questions asked, the session(s) will be recorded. We typically use Zoom, but can easily use the video platform your employees are accustomed to.

What can I do if I still have questions?

If you have questions after our Discovery Call, just ask. Shoot a quick email to getbetter@movement-rx.com with the words ‘MRx Workshops’ in the subject line and our expert support team will jump in and help out. The good news is that you can ask well-being-related questions in the workshops and when we review the Workshop Reports.

Schedule a Call to Learn More About our Workshop Service

Click the button below to schedule a time to talk with our Chief Delight Officer to see how you can ensure employees are healthy & present enough to do their best work. Together, we’ll discuss your goals for what workshops could look like for your organization, what you’ve tried before, and make sure this works for your organization.

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