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Agencies of all types struggle with the challenges of employee mental and physical well-being and how these impact employee retention, burnout and mission performance.

Movement Rx helps leaders and employees how to stay consistent in their health habits so they have more energy, less pain and work healthier and happier. The impact is seen in improved morale, retention and performance.

Through our leadership training, employee workshops, coaching, content development, and digital health platform we improve the physical and emotional health of your people, reducing injury and burnout in the process.

Our approach works. Our data show we reduce the percentage of your personnel with injury risk by 83%, AND we reduce the percentage of your personnel with heightened emotional health risk by 62%. Our principals have over 40 years of experience providing innovative whole health integrated programming, well-being marketing and engagement, program management, and scalable digital solutions.

We focus on the interplay between movement, mindfulness, and nutrition to address critical workforce retention and performance challenges. By educating and engaging people we empower them to develop habits of self-care, avoiding chronic – and expensive – health conditions. We are engaging educators, clinicians, and coaches who inspire and inform your people to make long-lasting, healthy changes. Take a look at some of the ways we can improve the health of your organization.

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Reduction in Risk of
Back, Shoulder & Knee Injuries

Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned
Small Business

SBA Certified Women-Owned
Small Business

CA Disabled Veteran
Business Enterprise

Leadership Trainings

Turning well-being into a Competitive Advantage in your organization.

According to a Deloitte study, 87% of leaders say that well-being could give their organization a competitive advantage, yet only 35% of those leaders say they've made well-being a strategic priority.

Leaders' own mental and physical well-being directly impacts employee well-being and is a key factor in organizational performance, employee retention and mission accomplishment.

Through our Your Competitive Advantage leadership training series, we help create stronger and healthier leaders who are able to outlast the demands of their roles and exemplify the culture they are striving to develop.

Employee Well-Being Workshops

Provide employees simple and sticky self-care secrets that solve pain, address burnout, improve emotional resilience, and reduce stress.

Physical and mental health may seem like big, scary and complex problems. And in some cases they are. But the VAST majority of medical cases (up to 96% in the case of joint pain) are totally preventable.

You can ensure employees are healthy & present enough to do their best work by introducing them to simple self-care secrets that simultaneously improve physical AND emotional health.

However, they have to be taught in a way that engages and empowers your employees, otherwise these techniques are forgotten in a week and never become a health habit. The key concept is that employees struggle with physical and emotional health not because they don’t have the desire to be healthy, but because they’re unsure where to start or are too scared or embarrassed to take action.

We’ve distilled the optimal well-being techniques learned from over 80,000 contact hours coaching, treating, and educating and integrated them into a high-impact set of workshops. Our approach can work for everyone – from Navy SEALs to Midwest call center personnel and everything in between.

Customized Health & Well-Being Education and Promotion

Build Well-being Education to Suit Your Specific Requirements

Whether you are looking for education to drive utilization of a health app, need help marketing existing health and well-being initiatives, or you need assistance gathering requirements, we create customized well-being initiatives in a variety of media.

We are able to draw on an array of experience in crafting impactful programs, including delivering 1-on-1 care, developing consumer-facing digital health and well-being apps and platforms, integrating personnel onsite, delivering retreats and experiences, training health and well-being professionals around the globe, and developing thousands of written, video and infographic assets.

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Select Case Studies


VA Employee Whole Health App

As part of a team that developed the VA's Whole Health app, Movement Rx produced 135 on-demand employee health and well-being videos intended to educate and engage and empower VA employees to improve overall well-being while boosting employee morale and reducing burnout.

Our team led discussions with the VA Employee Health and Well-Being (EHWB) team and representatives from the Integrative Health Coordinating Center (IHCC) to identify and prioritize health and well-being topics based on perceived interest and impact. In addition, we worked closely with the OPCC&CT Communications team to ensure all deliverables followed Whole Health branding guidelines.

Topics include, but are not limited to, identifying and managing mental health triggers, stress management, mindfulness, improving focus, being present and engaged, nutrition as preventative health, improving sleep, exercise and movement quality, time management and time blocking, and work/life balance. All topics are aligned with at least one of the 8 categories of the Circle of Health.



In 2017, SWRMC approached MRx about addressing the growing problem of injury rates and rates of non-deployable or limited duty personnel at SWRMC. MRx developed a series of health and well-being webinars augmented by in-person and virtual group coaching through the MRx digital platform. As of June 2023, 23 separate training groups have been completed.

Key measurements of the success of the program include: a) None of the 600 participants have gone on limited duty within 12 months of participating in the program; b) The percentage of participants at risk for back pain dropped from 52% at the start of each training group to 9% at the end of each training group, c) The percentage of participants considered an injury risk dropped from 64% at the start to 22% by the end of each training group, d) The percentage of participants with concerning levels of self-reported pain dropped from 64% at the start to 22% by the end of the training group, e) The percentage of participants with unsustainable emotional energy levels dropped from 45% at the start to 17% at the end of each training group.


HealthiestNIOSH Employee Well-Being

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s NIOSH department created a program to support the health and wellness of its employees. Included in this program – titled HealthiestNIOSH – is a requirement for monthly well-being education and engagement through live virtual webinars and well-being challenges.

Under this contract, MRx is the prime contractor in supplying those monthly webinars and quarterly well-being challenges. Over the course of the period of performance (including future options years), MRx will have provided 60 distinct webinars and 20 distinct well-being challenges to NIOSH employees.

UEI:   JMDJN4KQA8X6   | DUNS:   009569501   |   CAGE:   7TQS3

NAICS Codes: 621340 (Physical Therapy), 511210 (Online Programs), 518210 (Education & Training), 611430 (Training), 611519 (Train-the-Trainer), 621111 (Health Screens), 621490 (Other Health Services), 621498 (Outpatient Services), 621999 (Fitness Screens), 713940 (Strength Development), 812990 (Injury Prevention)

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