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Corporate Wellbeing Platform

Empower Your Workplace With Our Corporate Wellbeing Platform

In today’s world, you and your employees need all the support they can get. Movement Rx’s corporate wellbeing platform has been proven to improve the physical and emotional health of workplaces like yours. Let us empower your people to stay healthy and productive through our online programs, interactive workshops, and access to our musculoskeletal health and fitness experts.

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Fewer employees with
Back Issues


Fewer employees with
Future Injury Risk


Fewer employees with
Emotional Health Risk


Fewer employees with
Frequent Pain

How We Improve Wellbeing In Your Workplace

Our approach has helped every one of our clients, from the Navy SEALs to health-challenged Midwest call center personnel.

Reduce Employee Joint Pain

Musculoskeletal health issues like back, knee, and shoulder pain are extremely common in the workplace. These often precede chronic and expensive health issues in your employee base – which we can help prevent.

Reduce Stress & Inflammation

Movement and mindset principles are crucial to reducing stress along with associated inflammation – a key inhibitor to emotional and physical resilience. Improving musculoskeletal health reduces both.

Fewer Chronic Health Issues

Chronic health issues erode morale, productivity, and profitability. The combination of being sedentary and digitally connected reduces the ROI from your people: the most important asset of your organization.

Hear From Our Clients

I have never seen some of these people smile, EVER. Thank you for making that happen.

Leo Patrick | HR Director

Your team helped free up my bandwidth to do my job. They helped us reach more people across the organization, filled them with confidence regarding their health, and showed them how to reduce their pain. It was super motivating for me as a wellness professional.

Matt Cracraft | Wellness Specialist

We fell in love with you from the start...and the numbers proved it all works. We saw improvements in outcomes and engagement. Employees love it...and the fact you could engage our people in Iowa...fantastic. You offer way more than just musculoskeletal health. It’s definitely holistic – mind, body, and soul.

Jennifer Jung | Senior Director of Benefits

The Movement Rx team exceeded all our requirements and were exceptionally professional in all aspects of performance of this program. This includes assessments, workshops, online programs, and overall program management.

Matt Hutnick | Program Director

I like how Movement Rx enforces the importance of movement. I’m also impressed they’ve found a way to use real-time online sessions to help us keep costs down.

Debi Teclaw | Manager

Recognized as a global leader in Corporate Musculoskeletal Health

One Platform. 80+ Weeks of Resources.

We meet your employees where they are at on their health journey. With something for everyone, our award-winning platform offers you everything you need to cross 'employee wellness' off your list.


Knowing where you are is the first stop on the roadmap to health. Our assessments gauge employees’ musculoskeletal and emotional health.


Our programs are developed by Doctors of Physical Therapy together with fitness and mindfulness experts. Build strength. Retrain movement. Solve pain.

Four-Week Challenges

Each challenge includes four weeks of programming, daily health reminders, motivation, guidance, and more. Get your employees excited about fitness.

Clinics & Guides

Your prescription is movement. Our Joint-Specific Clinics and Perfect Movement Guides will lead your people to healthy habits, bodies, and attitudes.

Health Coaching

Offer your employees access to digital Office Hours and one-on-one telehealth sessions with our team for physical therapy, fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness.

Webinars & Classes

Inspire your employees to make long-lasting changes with weekly webinars and live virtual or in-person classes. Get engaging, high-touch wellness at scale.

Online Community

Gain lifetime access to our exclusive Movement Rx Member community. Seek advice and encouragement from other members, as well as our expert team.

Wellness Training

Develop the wellness capabilities of your team through in-depth Wellness Champion training. Make employee health a strategic asset.

What Makes Our Corporate Wellbeing Platform Different

Wellbeing Experts

Our experienced team’s insights are as valuable to employee health as our programs and platforms.

Backed By Data

Eight weeks on one of our programs can reduce your number of high-risk employees by 7.5x.

Captivating Marketing

We help you engage with your employees through quality content to drive program engagement.

Platform Flexibility

Our platform is flexible enough for any kind of deployment: you can be hands-off or micro manage.

Sustainable Health

Giving employees the necessary tools to perform quality movement is the only sustainable source of health.

Competitive Advantage

What’s more important to your business than your people? Our programs significantly reduce chronic health issues.

A Message From Our CEO

What characteristics of your workforce’s health cause you concern or stress? Mental health? Low back pain? Obesity or diabetes? High blood pressure and stress?

Well if you said anything other than “my workforce is totally healthy,” you’re reading the right webpage. Did you know that all of the above health concerns are almost COMPLETELY avoidable, and therefore manageable? For example, fully 96% of back pain cases are avoidable.

Your workforce is busy, and hopefully they’re doing a good job. But are the underlying factors causing the health issues you’re concerned about actually improving?

When I think back to my previous C-level stints at various companies, I would NOT have liked my answer had I been asked that question. In fact, I myself was heading towards a health-related trainwreck that was interfering with my professional and personal lives. It’s only because of the approach we take at Movement Rx that I’m back to being healthy.

I want that for every single one of your employees.

Work with us, and you’ll build a durable, healthy, and productive workforce, allowing your managers and directors to get the most out of their teams. A hidden benefit? It’s soooo much easier to run a company and provide value to your customers when your employees are able to stick around and fulfill the promise you saw in them when you hired them.

So if you like the idea of giving your workforce the right tools to manage their health, let’s talk today. Get in contact with us HERE and I or one of my colleagues will get back to you ASAP.

To Your Health,


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