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A Simple Solution to Handling Holiday Stress

Welcome to the holiday season!

It’s time for some self-care solutions to help you handle the holiday stress.

Dr. T went LIVE on December 16th, 2023 to take you through her simple solution to handling holiday stress.

Watch the full recording if you want the details, and check below for Dr. T’s 12 Tips for Holiday Stress:

#1: Build a Breath Practice

When you’re starting to feel keyed up, slow down your exhale to activate the calming branch of your nervous system. Use a straw or a balloon if you want a training tool (and learn how to use the straw in Dr. T’s video)!

#2: Take a Pause

When emotions run high, take a moment for yourself. Step into the bathroom for a moment. Wait before you send a text.

 #3: Express and Practice Gratitude

This time of year, it’s easy to focus on what you don’t have, especially if you find yourself frequently on social media. Focus on what you DO have by writing down 3 things each day. . . then feel the stress of comparison melt away.

#4: Practice Self Compassion

Acknowledge who you are today. Give yourself some grace for being a human, and you’ll find that you’re less likely to shame and blame yourself or shame and blame others. Let go of the tension that stays in the body when you’re judging others.

#5: Plan 

Holiday parties and get-togethers can throw a lot of unknown your way. Plan how you’ll respond to touchy conversation topics, plan how you want to tackle the dinner and dessert table, set a goal for how many drinks you’ll have. Delegate tasks to others if you can.

#6: Double Down on Good People

If you don’t connect deeply with your immediate family members, that’s okay. Make extra time to connect with loved ones who you enjoy being around. Spend time with people who care about how you’re doing and what you’re doing.

#7: Move and Walk Often

Your normal exercise routine may be inaccessible to you. But you can usually still get your steps in. This will give you time to clear your mind and breathe some fresh air so you can be present for your family again when you get back.

#8: Get your best Sleep

Sleep will help you stay on an even keel and prevent you from becoming emotionally reactive. Know your sleep disruptors and consume them wisely: alcohol, caffeine, and late night screens.  Aim for 8-9 hours.

#9: Eat Good Fats, Fiber, and Proteins

Beware the blood sugar emotional roller coaster! If you’re going to be indulging in your favorite holiday sweets, eat them alongside healthy fats (nuts), fibers (fruits/veggies), and protein (meat/cheese) so your energy levels remain stable for the day.

#10: Drink lots of water!

Whether you’re recovering from a holiday party or getting ready for another, staying hydrated will prevent irritability and keep your body nourished. Aim for half your body weight in ounces per day.

#11: Stay Mindful

Use your holiday interactions to notice your triggers, notice your patterns, and affirm how far you’ve grown since last year. Take in new and familiar experiences with curiosity.

#12: Embrace the chaos!

This is a wonderful time of year to connect with others. Lean into the beautiful chaos of children, weather, snow, pets, and go with the flow, enjoying the gift of life:)


Remember, your self care and your health are your competitive advantage, granting you improved energy, longevity, and ability to calmly handle the hard hits that come with any career.

How to dive deeper?

At Movement Rx, we are in the business of creating teams that lead and work better from a place of wellbeing. Because if you don’t make time for your wellbeing now, you’ll have to make time for disease later.  We’re leading an immersive and freeing weekend designed to help you take back control of your time and re-focus on what’s actually important to you.

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