Mobility Monday: From the Bottom of My Squat to Yours

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Mobility Monday!

Hello Strength and Movement Geeks,

So here is the scoop.  Thought leaders in strength and conditioning as well as in the rehabilitation world all seem to agree that spending time at the bottom of your squat is important for overall hip, knee, ankle, and even low back health. It doesn’t just tone your legs, lifts the butt, or strengthens the core but it also increases your flexibility. There are a lot of reasons why spending time at the bottom of your squat would help you. For our mobility monday, check out these important reasons why we have to hang out in the bottom of our squats.

Reasons to spend at least 7-10 minutes hanging out in the bottom of your squat:

1. Provides some traction for your low back. If you’re feeling a little back pain, this is also one way of easing it. It keeps your spine healthy and at it’s right shape.

2. Helps you build ankle and hip mobility. When you do your squat, slowing down makes the workout more intense. This will help you build your ankle and hip mobility.

3. Allows you to get the full range of motion of your hips and knees that are necessary to be mobile your entire life. We do not want you to work within functional ranges of motion, rather full ranges of motion.

Note: if you have a hard time hanging out at the bottom, set up with your back against the wall! This will make the workout a lot easier.

If you want to work on generating torque from the bottom of your squat and building explosive power for your stair hopping, box jumping, Olympic lifting, super star jumping experiences, then watch the next video 🙂


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