Work From Home Ergonomics and Transitions to Improve How You Feel

How Work From Home Ergonomics and Transitions can Improve How You Feel

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Work from home is here to stay. Like it or not, your work from home ergonomics and ‘transitions’ are now central to maintaining health hygiene.

Health hygiene means taking disciplined action to avoid physical and emotional health erosion. In our work from home era, developing proper physical set-up to and building transitions between work and home activities is key to establishing this hygiene.

So what do we mean by TRANSITIONS?

Transitions are the periods between activities or states, and are what provide us structure. Daily transitions include:
✔️sleep to wake
✔️home to work
✔️work to home
✔️afternoon to evening
✔️bedtime prep for your kids
✔️bedtime prep for YOU

How we handle those small transitions during each and every day is far more important than handling the larger transitions in our lives (changing jobs, partners, kids, etc).

There’s a compound interest dynamic inherent in training the response of your mind and body during those transitions. In today’s Work-From-Home age, boundaries are blurred and the importance of routines becomes more and more obvious.

We can create better Work-From-Home hygiene by crafting these transitions and routines for ourselves. In the video below, Dr. Theresa Larson demonstrates a handful of her most relevant emotional and physical transition activities to help you and your People feel more in control…

…and frankly, less frazzled.

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