Dr. T on Doc and Jock Podcast [Win a Squatty Potty]

Dr. T on Doc and Jock Podcast [Win a Squatty Potty]

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Doc & Jock is a podcast run out of Atlanta by a DPT on the MobilityWOD staff and a well-known strength coach.  Dr. T was featured on the podcast this week in conjunction with the release of her book Warrior.

Episode at a Glance

In episode 66 Doc Danny & Coach Joe sit down with Dr. Theresa Larson to discuss her new book Warrior. She fills us in on how being a Marine Lieutenant struggling with an eating disorder helped her turn into one of the world’s most badass physical therapists.


What does a Squatty Potty have to do with this?

You can win one!   Just listen to the podcast and write a review of it by April 13!  You’ll be entered into a drawing to win one from Doc and Jock.

Your poops will do this 💩💩💩💩much more efficiently!

💥💥💥To order WARRIOR click here!

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Listen, write your review, and maybe get a cleaner colon!
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