Get a Grip on Your Grip Part 1 – Strength

When’s the last time you trained your grip? Grip strength and endurance is often times forgotten about until someone flings off the pull up bar or loses their 1RM deadlift because the bars slips out of the hands. It’s going to be hard for us Powerlifters, Olympic lifters, and Crossfitters to lift what you can’t hold on to.


Benefits to addressing your grip:

-BIGGER lifts: hanging on to that 1RM snatch or deadlift

-Better ENDURANCE: toes-to-bar, muscle-ups, and pull-ups won’t be limited by grip giving out

-Injury PREVENTION: reduce strain on wrist and elbows that are inefficiently trying to make up for weak grip


Types of grip:

-Crush: think of a handshake, deadlift, rope climb, making a fist

-Pinch: think of holding a dinner plate, pinching plates between thumb and fingers


It’s important to address and train both types of grip to optimize performance. Below are ideas to improve grip strength and endurance!

  1. Plate pinches: Can do static holds or while walking. Squeezing two plates together or simply holding one plate in the pinch grip. Hold for max time or incorporate into workout like you would a farmer’s carry.Plate Pinches
  2. Power holds: Utilizing a power rack, hold bar in normal clean or snatch grip (no reverse grip). Hold for max time (nothing less than 20 seconds) and complete 3-4 sets. How heavy can you get?
  3. Farmer’s carry: Can do static holds or while walking using dumbbells or kettlebells (or buckets if you wish). Hold for max time or incorporate into workouts for distance of walk.Farmer Carry
  4. Axel bar work: incorporating the axel bar (fat bar) into your workouts will definitely make your grip step up to the plate
  5. Cannon ball/ledge pull ups: Again another way to challenge your pull up while building amazing grip strength and  endurance.


Start improving you dead fish or wet noodle handshake today! Stay tuned for grip work mobility!

-Dr C