The RIGHT Way to Use a Standing Workstation

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By now almost everyone has heard about the benefits of a standing work station, or at least the terrors of sitting too much. (Graphics are from Custom Made) You’ve also likely heard a counter-argument. As with most things these days, … Continued

Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (Knee Pain)

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Unfortunately many people experience knee pain at some point in their life. Whether someone is a weekend warrior, runner, crossfitter, or weightlifter, the knees tend to take a beating especially when repeated poor movement is occurring. The knee is the … Continued

The W’s of “W” sitting

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What is it? “W” sitting is when a child (or adult) sits in full bilateral hip internal rotation with full contact of bottom on ground, bent knees, and feet splayed out to the sides. Why do children do it? In … Continued