Breathing Drills for Improving Your Overhead Position

Breathing Drills for Improving Your Overhead Position

Are you having difficulty getting into an overhead position even after mobilizing your soft tissue? Do you still have shoulder pain, unstable shoulders, or back tightness? That’s really a very tiring problem right? Specially when you don’t know the proper breathing drills for overhead lifts. That’s really frustrating when you wanted to do it properly but you can’t. Well, worry no more? We’ve made a simple video for you.

Try these simple breathing drills for overhead lifts to help improve your overhead position and your ability to hold more weight over head.

In this video you will learn how to properly position your body prior to an overhead lift. This will help your body be prepared on how much weight you are planning to lift. This is also important so that you will avoid back pain and other unnecessary pains you will get after the work out. But not only that, there is also proper breathing that you should follow.

Yes, proper breathing drills for overhead lifts will help you achieve the weight you wanted to carry. You may already be familiar with some basic breathing techniques while working out but it can do a lot more. It can affect the overall quality of your workouts and even the ability of your body to burn fat. So it is really important to that you get this right 🙂

Breathing properly is important while doing our exercise for a loooot of reasons. One reason is that it also helps out posture. The muscles that help us with our posture are also the same muscles that would help us respire. So proper breathing is equal to good posture.

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