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How to Build an Ergonomic Home Workstation

Building an Ergonomic Home Workstation doesn’t have to be complicated, expensive, or hard to do! Having an ergonomic home workstation will help save you major discomfort in your neck, back and hips. Today we’re going to run you through some options of building a makeshift ergonomic home workstation with things you (likely) have lying around the house.

One of the most important things to remember is even though we’re giving you home ergonomic workstation “rules of engagement”, you don’t have to hit all the points to help your body tremendously. And for most of us who have transitioned to working from home full-time, our bodies could really use some extra TLC.

Standing Home Workstation

If you’re accustomed to sitting all day at a desk but want to shift to standing at an ergonomic home workstation (highly recommended) then you want to shoot for standing at least 50% of your workday. The other half of your day could be sitting, kneeling, or in some type of stretching position.

Why switch to a standing ergonomic home workstation? Standing lowers your risk for chronic systemic disease like cancer and diabetes, as well as orthopedic issues. As humans, we’re not designed to be sedentary 8 hours a day. When we are sitting, our tissues are “turned off” which can cause a myriad of health problems over time.

The Physiology of Sitting While Working

Take for instance your glutes. When you’re sitting, they’re turned off and it affects your lower back. Your glutes are meant to protect your lower back so keeping them engaged is a crucial part of eliminating pain.

But sitting doesn’t just affect your soft tissue and joints. It can also have a major effect on your cardiovascular system, your nervous system, and even your digestion! But the benefits of standing don’t stop there: standing actually helps increase the strength of your physiology, focus, libido, and ability to burn calories (by almost 50%!).

Check out the full interview and instructions for building an ergonomic home workstation in the video below!

Work From Home Wellness

Times are weird, ya’ll. More and more people have been pushed into long-term “shelter-in-place”, our cities and favorite haunts are shut down, and we’re supposed to limit any activity outside our homes. This pandemic has increased anxiety, brought on a pattern of less activity, and likely forced you into a unsettled state as you await what comes next.

The Wellness at my Desk Challenge is meant to fill the gaps so you stay on top of your wellness, which among many things improves your chances against the virus. It’s a competitive challenge – we want you to connect with other humans while you’re stuck for a few weeks – that combines nutrition, mobility, and mindset.

Four weeks of 5 challenges a week, each taking less than 10 minutes. You’ll also get invited to our Wellness Office Hours PLUS Weekly Wellness Web classes.

Ready to shift your mindset and kickstart your health? Join the challenge here.

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