Welcome to Movement Rx! Our roots are as a San Diego physical therapy company, though we have grown to offer corporate wellbeing in Southern California, movement education seminars across the country, and digital rehabilitation programs worldwide.

So what’s in a name? In our case, a lot.

Movement Rx  =  Movement Prescription

Our approach to your care is rooted in the belief that moving often and moving well is the key to fixing and avoiding the vast majority of musculoskeletal issues. Our healthcare andcropped-TheresaH+PatientBW, physical therapy 92101, san diego physical therapy fitness professionals prescribe specific and guided movement, hence the name Movement Rx. Movement is not some commodity, however. Poor movement patterns are the cause of at least 96% of all musculoskeletal injuries…meaning 96% of all musculoskeletal injuries CAN BE AVOIDED. That statistic underscores how amazingly poorly the modern day human moves. In our San Diego physical therapy clinics, in our movement seminars, and through our corporate wellness solutions we fix the movement dysfunctions that have or will cause you injury.


To turn that philosophy into actual care, we’ve built a multi-disciplinary team that is expert in helping you avoid injury and fix pain quickly. How? Everyone here is a movement expert. Yes, we do apply standard manual therapy, neurologic patterning, and many other tools. But we do that in the context of fixing your movement pattern, not just applying care to the specific area where you’re currently feeling pain.


The results speak for themselves. We get patients better in an average of 3-4 visits, where in traditional physical therapy clinics it takes 12-20 visits.


Top Physical Therapy Clinics in San Diego, CA 2015

Movement Rx was a winner of the Opencare’s 2015 Patients’ Choice Awards for Physical Therapy in San Diego

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Ready to get better, faster?  Read on……

At Movement Rx we focus on offering personalized movement based Human Performance, Physical Therapy and Wellness programs. With offerings tailored to individuals, fitness facilities, sports teams, and Corporate Wellness/Wellbeing initiatives, we customize our approach to help you achieve your goals and dreams. Your goals are the WHY that drives what we do!

Movement Rx Program Options:

1) Are you a Gym Owner, Coach, or Athlete who needs mobility seminars, programming, and or a “Mobile Movement Doctor” to come visit your facility during the week? See our Facility Service Programs and Trainer Education Programs.

2) Are you an Individual who wants to eliminate pain or improve your overall wellness and performance?  See our Services for Individuals.

3) Are you a Business Owner who wants to increase your employee’s health, productivity, efficiency and possibly reduce your health insurance premiums? Read about our Corporate Wellness Programs.


Read our Blog for More Info on Who We Are:  The Lab