The CrossFitter Characters | Top 10 Causes of Low Back Pain

The CrossFitter Characters | Top 10 Causes of Low Back Pain

Top 10 Low Back Pain Characters in Crossfit

In celebration of the launch of The Low Back Fix, here are the Top 10 low back pain characters in CrossFit. Which ones are you? We’re all at least 1 or 2…

The CrossFitter Characters

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The Characters

rabbit 1. The Rabbit: Trying to beat or match classmates with weight or speed you’re not ready for.
helenkeller 2. The Helen Keller: Deaf and blind to your Coach’s scaling suggestions and cues.
beyonce-booty1 3. The Beyonce: Initiating a squat like Queen B. While quite an athlete in her own right, shooting the knees forward and letting the pelvis tilt forward (accentuating one’s posterior) will make you a client of ours before you can say “Put a Ring on It.”
Tina 4. The Private Dancer: Performing deadlifts with a rounded low back, leading to your hips and butt moving on their own.

This inability to properly hinge at the hip is a sign of many things, but very often is a disconnect between your brain and body.

chairman mao 5. The Chairman: A pattern of sitting continuously for over 30 minutes at a time, followed by a WOD. Also known as the Couch Potato where during post-WOD cooldown the poor choice of a sitting in a cushy seat is made.
caterpillar 6. The Caterpillar: Not able to keep your spine neutral spine while moving. Particularly when under load overhead, the Caterpillar’s back rounds due to lack of stability, mobility, or motor control.
sinewave, low back pain in crossfit 7. The Sine Wave: Hearkening back to high school geometry, having your bar path in the snatch or clean swings out on its way up.

It’s likely due to a combination of poor technique, lack of movement awareness, and limited control of the midline and pelvis.

robot, low back pain in crossfit 8. The Robot: Never working on your musculature that tugs on the low back, creating quite a stiffness. Specifically the hamstrings, glutes, obliques and iliopsoas.
nobutt 9. The Noassatall: Having no idea that your glutes are the strongest muscle below the jaw. Although it sounds like a pharmaceutical compound, it’s actually a break in the brain-body connection and a significant reason for chronic low back pain.
slinky, low back pain in crossfit 10. The Slinky: Getting rid of your midline control during a kip or butterfly.

What would you add to this list?

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