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Hotel Room Flexibility Routine

Travel wreaks havoc on our bodies, especially airplane travel, with lower oxygen, social pressure to remain still, and little space to move around anyway, even if you did have the guts to stretch in your seat. But your body will feel ten times better if you have a flexibility routine that you can do in your hotel room after a bout of travel.

Unfortunately, waiting until we feel like it to go exercise or mobilize our bodies never really works, especially after travel when all we feel like doing is lounge-ing….we need to exercise or mobilize our bodies in order to feel good.

Dr. T went LIVE on November 8th, 2023 from to take you through the flexibility routine that she uses in her hotel room to help tight muscles and stiff joints.

Watch the full recording if you want to follow along with Dr. T, and check out the basics of a hotel room flexibility routine below:

#1: Travel with a mobility tool that you can use on your hips.

Foam rollers are too big for travel. However, 2 tennis balls stuffed into a long sock is a perfectly portable mobility tool that will increase blood flow and help tight muscles relax after travel. Tissue work can be intense, so focus on your belly breathing and ease up on the pressure if you are unable to relax.

Your Rx: Spend 2 minutes on each tight or tender spot that you find in the glutes, the sacrum area, and the outside of the hips.

Click the video below to watch this segment.

#2: Stretch out the hip flexors and glutes

After you’ve done some tissue work with a ball, move on to stretching the muscles that tend to get tightest with travel: the hip flexors and glutes.

Your Rx:

  • Kneeling Lunge Stretch: 2 minutes each leg
  • Pigeon stretch: 2 minutes each leg

Click the video below to watch this segment.

 #3: Mobilize your Mid-Back and Neck

Now that you’ve given your legs some love, move on to the mid back and neck: both can stiffen up during travel. This time you’ll use your mobility balls on either side of your spine to loosen up level-by-level.

Your Rx:

  • Lay on your back.  Place the mobility balls under your spine in the mid to upper back at a stiff spot. Move your hips up and down to loosen the joints. Perform for 2 minutes on 2-3 stiff spots
  • Lay on your back. Place the mobility balls at the top of your neck to target the muscles at the base your skull with pressure. Nod your head “yes” over the pressure points for 1 minute. Shake your head “no” for 1 minute

Click the video below to watch this segment.

Remember, your self care and your health are your competitive advantage, granting you improved energy, longevity, and ability to calmly handle the hard hits that come with any career.

How to bring this to your teams?

At Movement Rx, we are in the business of creating teams that lead and work better from a place of wellbeing. 

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