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The Mindfulness & Movement (M2) Experience Guided Journal

Build a life-changing habit by using this Guided Journal to replenish energy, rewire your brain and body & reduce negative emotions and increase positive ones.

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This 70 day Guided Journal is structured to help you build a habit of paying attention to your brain and body

Commit to this and you will reduce negative emotions (pain, anger, depression, negative self talk, stress, anxiety, etc.)

and increase positive emotions (gratitude, physical freedom, compassion, acceptance, love, kindness, fulfillment).

This was created for you if any of the following feel true…

  • You recognize that you have habits that get in the way of your fulfillment, happiness or success
  • You give too much attention and energy to people or circumstances that are distractions
  • You multi-task ALL day and cannot turn off the monkey in your mind
  • You are craving connection, but you find yourself snapping at those closest to you
  • You sometimes struggle to feel OK with who you are
  • Or you’re just emotionally worn out and looking to reclaim some control in life

Here’s what’s included in the Mindfulness & Movement Experience Journal

21 Days of guided themes provided by (Ret.) Navy SEAL Commander Jon Macaskill

PLUS 49 additional days (70 total) for you to get in the practice of adding your own themes. You’ll also see options for improved accountability and outcomes.

How to follow the Pyramid of Emotional & Physical Freedom for best results

The Pyramid is a simple way to visually show how emotional and physical health are improved together. It’s the core of the Movement Rx philosophy of self-care…and it works.

Access to the MRx self-assessments to gauge your starting emotional and physical health, AND then again at Days 21 and 70 to SEE IMPROVEMENT

These self-assessments include movement function (pictured here), emotional energy reserves, pain, and work health.

Structure for your days, including movement, food, awareness, and sleep

There’s no getting around it. How you feel physically and emotionally is based on what you do with your muscles, what you pay attention to, what you put in your body, and the choices that impact your rest.

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Meet The Journal Creators

The creators of the Mindfulness & Movement Experience Journal are individuals who really understand struggle, chaos, and how to stay calm in the midst of any situation.

Those creators are Commander Jon Macaskill (Ret.) and Dr. Theresa Larson, DPT a former Marine-Officer-turned Doctor of Physical Therapy and author of the book WARRIOR.

Jon Macaskill

Navy SEAL Commander (Ret.)

Jon Macaskill is a former Navy SEAL Commander, and through his career led a variety of dangerous missions in hotspots like Somalia, Panama, Iraq and Afghanistan. While the life of the Navy SEAL has been glorified through books and movies, there’s an unseen truth behind the scenes. Tremendous loss, grief, shame, stress, PTSD, and physical wounds are just a starting list of the toll their careers take.

Jon struggled with that toll for years, and when it was suggested he try mindfulness, he laughed. Hard.

But over time he tried it, stopped, tried it some more, stopped again, and finally got into a habit of mindfulness practice. Then he got good at it, and it was the answer he’d been looking for all along.

Because of how mindfulness has helped Jon regain control of his thoughts, emotions and responses, he knew it could help so many others. So he studied and practiced for years and now is bringing his approach to mindfulness to you.

Dr. Theresa Larson


Dr. T, as she’s widely known, is a musculoskeletal health and fitness expert, TEDx speaker, author and former USMC Officer. After losing her mother to cancer at 10 years old, she developed into a young woman who held herself to a standard of perfection – as an All-Conference D1 college athlete, as a national fitness competition champion, and as a US Marine.

But all these accomplishments masked a gnawing and growing chasm of anxiety and imposter syndrome, and an increasing sense of feeling out of control. After a particularly high-risk night convoy in Iraq, she knew she needed to find real help in order to be the leader her 80 Marines needed. However, asking for help led to her discharge from the Marine Corps, for which she felt confused, ashamed and a failure.

Knowing that physical health and movement helped her regain calm and focus, she embarked on a career in musculoskeletal health. Her experiences and expertise led her to the specialty health field of ‘mindful movement’, where she has become a thought leader.

In addition to treating and teaching the elements of mindful movement to 1,000s of people across 4 continents, Dr. Larson also takes her own medicine, practicing mindful fitness as a tool to down-regulate her mind and body.

Looking for More Guidance?

Sometimes you know you shouldn't trust yourself to make changes on your own.

We get it. We're human, and accountability to others helps us stay on track. Plus, we all have blind spots that others can see.

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