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The Power of Protein for Weight Loss

Most of us could use more protein in our diets, especially if we are trying to lose weight…but why??

Protein is a KEY nutrient that helps your body repair itself, powers chemical reactions, and makes the building blocks for muscle, bone, skin, hair and nearly every tissue in your body!

But did you know that protein is powerful when it comes to weight loss? And not just weight loss, but specifically fat loss.  We’ll explain how below.

#1. Protein helps you feel full

When you’re pursuing a weight loss or fat loss goal, your hunger can become a barrier to reaching your goal. However, when you add moderate amounts of protein to your meals and snacks, that hunger is suppressed.

Further, the more protein you eat, the more quickly your brain and stomach signal to each other that you’ve had enough, making you less likely to overeat.

Try replacing your regular yogurt with greek yogurt and some nuts for a protein-packed snack.


#2 Protein tells your body to maintain its muscle mass.

If you are working on losing weight through diet, protein and fiber are critical for success. Normally when you lose weight, you will lose both muscle and fat, especially if you aren’t engaged in resistance training.

However, bumping up your protein intake will help your body keep its muscle mass while you lose fat. This is the strategy for “toning” your body: keeping muscle, while losing weight.

Try adding in resistance training 2-3 times per week and capping off your session with a protein drink or high protein meal!

#3. Protein can be found for a fair price and is also packed with other nutrients!

Increasing your protein doesn’t mean having a steak dinner every night.  Chicken, fish, eggs, yogurt and even plant sources like nuts, tofu, seeds, and beans are packed with protein for reasonable prices at the supermarket. And all of these sources have additional vitamins and minerals to support a healthy body.

But if you’re somebody who wants a quick fix- there are a variety of protein powders, bars, and drinks on the market, though they usually don’t have the vitamins and minerals that you would get in a whole food source. Keep your eye on the ingredients list, and try to avoid fillers, added preservatives, sugars, and artificial ingredients.

Try increasing the number of eggs you eat at breakfast or add another protein source like cottage cheese, beans, whole grain toast, or greek yogurt to the first meal of your day.


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