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THE Mindfulness & Movement (M2) Experience

Get ‘unstuck’ and become stronger – both physically and emotionally – than you have in 10 years!!

Join the M2 tribe and CRACK THE CODE of your Neck, Back and Habit issues keeping you from being physically and emotionally FREE.  The M2 Experience will guide you over 21 days to find calm, become more present, regain control, and feel more physically capable.

Guided by a Navy SEAL Commander (Ret.) whose mindfulness practice saved his life, and a world-renowned Doctor of Physical Therapy, the M2 Experience will give you the playbook, the coaching and the accountability to summit the Pyramid of Emotional & Physical Freedom, reclaiming control over how you feel – both physically and emotionally – and over the time and attention you give to your life’s triggers in as little as 10 minutes a day.

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The M2 Experience is specifically designed to SHOW you the UNSEEN habits you have developed,

PLUS give you the tools to improve how your mind and body feel.

You will be able to take back control over your time and attention, reduce negative emotions (pain, anger, depression, negative self talk, stress, anxiety, etc.), increase positive emotions (gratitude, compassion, acceptance, love, kindness, fulfillment), and improve what your body can physically do.

Feel exponentially better by combining mindfulness and movement.

Watch and read below to see what makes the M2 Experience so impactful.

"I haven't felt this strong - EMOTIONALLY OR PHYSICALLY - in over a decade!!"

- Eva S, Cohort 1

Here’s what you will be able to do by the end of the M2 Experience:

  1. Be more emotionally resilient.
  2. Feel more confident in your body’s capabilities.
  3. See things in a more positive light
  4. Experience more gratitude for others AND yourself
  5. Begin to let go of painful experiences from the past
  6. Be at peace with things the way they are in the present moment
  7. Be more present and live a more fulfilling life


  • You will connect with a tribe of folks like you who are also doing this deeper work.
  • You will be able to apply your mindfulness to your family, your relationships, your work, your food, your fitness, and your schedule to finally start feeling in control over these aspects of your life.

Speaking of schedules…

Here’s a taste of the first week of the Experience. Our guides lead you through a variety of daily elements, both live and pre-recorded. If you miss a day or 2…or 3 – no worries. Everything is recorded and you’ll have ample time to go through the materials, ask questions and feel supported.

Want to see the schedule for the 3 weeks? Download the full schedule HERE.

Find calm, be more present, regain control, and feel stronger. Just like these people did.

Find topics below that resonate with you and read what recent participants have shared.

Feel the Way You WANT To Feel

"I set out to improve my shoulders and resolve an energy-time crisis. I'm happy to report that on my assessment I showed major improvement in both areas. I still have some work to do to be more physically healthy. The mindfulness practice worked wonders. My SLEEP bed says my average went up three points in a month. I have been better prepared for the stress of the day with meditation in the morning. I even caught myself enjoying my lunch a couple times and not searching for TUMS after! I actually take breaks and SEE(!) the world. Family says I'm a lot more present which is the real blessing. I hope to return for the next cohort and participate more in the live sessions. Thanks Dr T and Jon Macaskill."

Finding Calm

"I have never had such a calming feeling in the face of absolute heartache before. But then again...I didn't have the tools before. And the beautiful thing is that Sunday night, I met a soldier at our friends house just by happenstance or serendipity...and we got to talking about grief, loss and injury and how vital it is to learn how to quiet the mind, but so very hard to figure out alone. I told him about your meditations, Dr. T's amazing team and the tribe and in his eyes, I saw hope. It was so moving. " - E.M.

Having a Tribe

"So thank you truly, each and every one of you for teaching, sharing, being vulnerable, funny, heartfelt and inspiring....It's not about all aspects in life fitting perfectly together without wear or grit. It is about acknowledging we all have cracks and pieces of ourselves big and small that weigh us down and hold us up. It's all about balance. And this Tribe has helped add balance to my life when my world started crumbling." - E.S.

Processing Grief

"I just completed my first meditation, and I wanted to thank you both for allowing me to join this incredible program. It is something I've needed for many moons, and I am so happy I'm here. I feel a little silly for getting teary on the call this morning, it's been a really long few years, and so many things that the members of our cohort said resonated with me. Sadly, I lost my Dad and my Grandma this past year during the pandemic, and I have a lot of healing to do still. Though neither of them passed away from COVID, the "Covidness" of the situation made it especially difficult, as we still have not properly mourned nor held a funeral or celebration of life for my Dad." - A.C.

Feel Better Physically

"My Au Sm moment was yesterday when my Massage Therapist said, "Bossman what have you been doing? What ever you are doing keep it up, your shoulders and legs are much looser!" Mindful movement and meditation is the answer!" - R.D.


"I have found a Calm and an Honesty when having tough conversations." - B.C.

Being Present

"A lot of my stress that weighs me down today are events from the past, and most days I struggle to be present today. The meditations (I’m doing a couple times a day) are helping me focus on my present. Nice little breaks from the past for me, something I will probably make a habit for sure." - B.N.

Letting Go

"I am learning that there are a few things that I have not fully “let go” of and a story that I continue to carry with me (ie Cancer) that I am finding is a source of stress and not feeling like a “whole” person anymore. That came up in a meditation and it hit me like a ton of bricks….for some reason I thought I had moved on. Major shift for me." - L.H.

Brain and Body Connection

"I've now got a broader perspectives of what mindfulness is. That it is not just about sitting and breathing. Rather, developing the connection between the mind, body, food, etc., is essential for emotional regulation. Congrats on setting up a caring program that helps us all to work on connecting with ourselves." - K.F.

Creating a Good Routine

"I am learning that even when I’m able to just be…my mind has difficulty following suit. I have a lot to work on for the movement aspect and for all of it the routine is key for me. It hasn’t been easy to do that but rewarding when I follow it and start my day off “knocking down that first domino” and to do everything without judgment!" - R.S.

Caring for Yourself First

"I have always taken care of others so learning to take care of myself is a new concept. It is so much easier to take care of patients and help fix their problems. I am getting better with being more mindful and present but it is a struggle sometimes. I am a work in progress." - S.M.

Letting go of Your Story

"First few days of the challenge (Topic: Letting Go), were huge for me and I wanted to share the experience. Meditation has been hard for me lately, especially with so many circumstances in my life (personally, professionally, and physically) totally out of my control and coming up on the BIG 6-0 soon, a cross-country move, caregiver for an aging parent, and running a retail business during the age of COVID to mention a few. Withing the first 4-5 days of the challenge, every day, I saw a quote about letting go, obviously a sign to pay attention. During the first meditation of letting go, it asked us to visualize what was holding us back (paraphrasing). With my eyes closed, I saw the two sides of my brain totally full of junk. Interestingly enough, the brain was colored pink. Then when Jon asked for us to release and let go, I saw as if a strong wind blew through my brain (almost like sand) and everything that was clogging my brain was dispersed towards the left and started to disappeared. The second day, letting go of your story, as I was deep into meditation and Jon asked to see what we needed to let go, I saw this hand squeezing my heart hard. As I set my intention to let go, I saw and felt the grip of that hand starting to release my heart. Following that experience, I have felt more of my emotions and now as we have progressed with the meditations learning to feel them without judgement. Still learning how not to be so distracted but feeling a bit more calm when doing the meditations. Great experience so far." - F.C.

Mindful Moments

"Just thought I'd share something that I noticed, and maybe it's even worth trying....I'm finding ways to incorporate mindfulness into day-to-day activities, even as simple as putting away the dishes or folding laundry (weird I know..lol). But it seems like when I turn off my phone, music, etc, and just focus on the activity (muscle movements, sounds, etc) I'm doing at that moment, I'm finding that even things like the dishes are "giving me a break". I'm sure my wife will LOVE to hear this!!" - R.P.

Slowing Down

"My Au Sm moment this week was watching my baby sleep for 10 minutes in my arms then watching him sleep in his crib for a few moments… vs putting him straight down and getting onto the next thing." - J.P.

Finding Space

"My Au Sm moment this week was shutting out the world and reflecting for 30 minutes on my growth - how far I have come and where I want to be. No phone, no kids, just quiet reflection!" - K.K.

Improve Listening & Reflect More Deeply

"My Au Sm moment this week was when I found myself reflecting and listening at levels I never thought possible. Working in the medical field, I have always listened for areas of concern. That overlaps at home most days. I would focus on the noisy traffic when driving, doors closing and people talking in parking lots, kids screaming in stores….the list goes on and on. That changed for me this week and I can hear the birds chirping, crickets at night and people laughing. Although the other noises are still there, they exist in the background." - S.M.

Be Deliberate

"I'm making a deliberate and intentional choice to "BE" present NOW. The ability to mentally shut the laptop between my ears when I physically shut the office door each evening is amazing. I'm grateful to be on a mindful journey guided by two amazing humans, awesome Americans, and friends Jon Macaskill and Dr. Theresa Larson DPT, CSCS, USMC from Movement Rx. My wife is grateful, too!" - B.B.

Alleviate Anxiety

"I really wanted to thank you both for this program. I also really wanted to thank B.N. for something. On one of the check ins, B. said something that resonated with me deeply. B, you said “I am trying to stay present because presently everything is ok”. I wrote that sentence down, and I look at it EVERY SINGLE DAY, multiple times a day. I struggle with anxiety, and when it rears its ugly head, you just gave me a tool that simple…but incredibly effective for me. Thank you B." - A.C.

Improve Movement

"Being a part of this challenge was such a privilege! I've noticed so many positive changes from my lower resting heart rate, to my ability to deal with pain. My favorite movement, which I am still working on, is the sit to stand." - T.T.

Allow Yourself to Be Vulnerable

"I just began the day 2, the Letting Go challenge. Holy smokes, brother, it was powerful. I had to stop for a moment....Tears flooding over. Brought up so much emotion when I said, "I see you." The ache in my chest was so visceral, took my breath away. It has taken me a life time to try and surrender it and let it go. Still a work in progress. Thank you brother, for the healing practice you offer us, truly." - Anon

Doing this with Loved Ones

"I am enjoying the program very much...and my wife can’t stop talking about how much she is getting from the program which is great. She really needs this right now. I really appreciate you. You (the team) have such an amazing connection that comes shining through everything you do." - T.S.

Get Rid of Mental Fog

"My memory is better than it’s ever been, I’m able to concentrate better, my migraines have decreased immensely, I am in control of my reactions and handle negative situations so much better now, I’m able to live in the NOW, and last but not least - I FEEL SMARTER!" - N.P.

Respond with Grace

"For the first 8-10 days I was like - well this isn't working and why does every session sound and feel the same - I thought that I was going to learn something about how to meditate - all I am doing is BREATHING! And mindful meals, what the hell is that about - most of the time I eat so fast I don't have time to think - and anyway I like to read when I eat anyway so stop messing with my reading time. And then something clicked... I started slowing down without even knowing I was or why.... I was becoming aware of things that I was noticing ( like posture, breathing, slowing down, fixing my car seat settings,). But the real change was that when unexpected things happened, as they always do, I was not responding in the same way ( not all the time but enough times to notice the change and repeat it more going forward) - as I am typing this my wife just came in and interrupted me abruptly and my response was...well...more gentle and under control than I recall ever feeling." - J.H.

Find Equanimity & Heal

"I love all the movements and meditations. But Day 9 (Equanimity) stuck out as a favorite. Life is busy and always speeding forward so fast. Often, too fast. But at the same time some intense moments from the past (grief, survivor's guilt, the list goes on) sneak up and keep me from being fully present, or heck even forgetting to breathe for a while. But learning to say "Ah, right now it is this" has helped me tremendously to acknowledge without reacting to some of these intense moments. It also has helped as I repeat this phrase to my kiddos and remind them awareness does not always require reaction. So grateful for this Experience. These meditations have been helping me to stay present, taking time for myself to calm and grow my mind while the exercises are teaching me that my body can heal and go further than I thought. Thanks so much Dr. T, Jon and Movement Rx team!" - E.S.

Stop for a Moment

"I loved the exercise... actual movements! But I really LOVED the meditation and mindfulness sessions. Helped me "stop" for a moment, and it felt good!" - L.P.

It’s the same experience that these leading employers have provided to their employees.

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If You are Ready for a Similar Outcome, the Next M2 Experience starts on May 18, 2022!

Spots are extremely limited!
Registration ends on Tuesday, May 17 at midnight PST!

This is perfect for you if…

You multi-task ALL day

and crave mental space, but the monkey in your mind is so used to running the show that you’re afraid you can’t TRULY relax anymore.

Or you need a breakthrough

in your work production, your important relationships, or your health and you’re not sure how that can happen.

Or you are a veteran or service member

who wants to find control or purpose after transitioning, but needs a tribe to help inspire you and keep you accountable.

Or you know you need mindfulness practice

to feel calm, hurt less, or be more present, but you need some extra guidance.

Or you’re tired of carrying emotional and/or physical pain

and just want to feel normal, but you’re struggling to consistently be free of the pain and because of that you never quite feel you can give the time and attention to the things that fulfill you.  (Heck, you may have even forgotten what fulfills you.)

Here’s the truth.

You can calm the mind, work on your body and feel in control using apps, youtube videos and breathing techniques.

However, your results will be fleeting because you’re missing vital components to building REAL emotional and physical longevity:

  1. Building a habit through accountability to a group;
  2. Engaging with a tribe of support;
  3. Tapping into methods to address the deep sources of your emotions and physical restrictions;
  4. Leveraging the physical body’s central role in finding sustained calm.

This M2 Experience is built to provide you with all of that.

Gift yourself this experience

You’re on the verge of breaking through the chaos, anxiety and numbness of feeling hurt, hurried, frenzied and disconnected.

You’re about to summit the Pyramid of Emotional and Physical FreedomTM, re-connecting with who you are and with your path to purpose.

And over the 21 days, you’ll engage with the Pillars of the M2 Experience to FINALLY feel sustained emotional and physical freedom.

It’s not hippie stuff, and it’s not magic…
It takes effort.

But if you’re ready to follow the step-by-step process, and commit to the work ahead with the support of a new tribe, then keep reading to see how the M2 Experience can work for you.

Or register now

Meet Your Guides

Your guides for this M2 Experience are individuals who really understand struggle, chaos, and how to stay calm in the midst of any situation.

Those guides are Commander Jon Macaskill (Ret.) and Dr. Theresa Larson, DPT a former Marine-Officer-turned Doctor of Physical Therapy and author of the book WARRIOR.

Along the way you’ll be also be supported by experts in pain science, mindful food choice, physical self-care, and mindful fitness.

Jon Macaskill

Navy SEAL Commander (Ret.)

Jon Macaskill is a former Navy SEAL Commander, and through his career led a variety of dangerous missions in hotspots like Somalia, Panama, Iraq and Afghanistan. While the life of the Navy SEAL has been glorified through books and movies, there’s an unseen truth behind the scenes. Tremendous loss, grief, shame, stress, PTSD, and physical wounds are just a starting list of the toll their careers take.

Jon struggled with that toll for years, and when it was suggested he try mindfulness, he laughed. Hard.

But over time he tried it, stopped, tried it some more, stopped again, and finally got into a habit of mindfulness practice. Then he got good at it, and it was the answer he’d been looking for all along.

Because of how mindfulness has helped Jon regain control of his thoughts, emotions and responses, he knew it could help so many others. So he studied and practiced for years and now is bringing his approach to mindfulness to you.

Dr. Theresa Larson


Dr. T, as she’s widely known, is a musculoskeletal health and fitness expert, TEDx speaker, author and former USMC Officer. After losing her mother to cancer at 10 years old, she developed into a young woman who held herself to a standard of perfection – as an All-Conference D1 college athlete, as a national fitness competition champion, and as a US Marine.

But all these accomplishments masked a gnawing and growing chasm of anxiety and imposter syndrome, and an increasing sense of feeling out of control. After a particularly high-risk night convoy in Iraq (<>), she knew she needed to find real help in order to be the leader her 80 Marines needed. However, asking for help led to her discharge from the Marine Corps, for which she felt confused, ashamed and a failure.

Knowing that physical health and movement helped her regain calm and focus, she embarked on a career in musculoskeletal health. Her experiences and expertise led her to the specialty health field of ‘mindful movement’, where she has become a thought leader.

In addition to treating and teaching the elements of mindful movement to 1,000s of people across 4 continents, Dr. Larson also takes her own medicine, practicing mindful fitness as a tool to down-regulate her mind and body.

Your Support Team

Dr. Megan Graff

Mindful Movement Expert

Dr. Marissa Rescott

Mindful Movement Expert, Pain Researcher

Will Schneider

Mindful Yoga Instructor

Nikki Ledford

Mindful Nutrition Expert

Lindsay Renteria

Mindful Fitness Expert

Coach Ray Fernandez

Mindful Strength Expert

Dr. Megan Graff


Dr. Megan Graff completed her doctorate in physical therapy at Texas Woman’s University in Houston. In addition to her DPT, Megan is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, USA Track & Field Level 1 Coach and is a board-certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS) for her advanced clinical knowledge, experience, and skills in working with patients with orthopedic conditions. Additionally, she completed her fellowship training (FAAOMPT) with the Institute for Athlete Regeneration in advanced sports & orthopedic manual therapy. Less than 1% of all physical therapists in the US have both the OCS and FAAOMPT designations – it’s quite a feat and speaks to Megan’s skill in manual physical therapy.

  • Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • USA Track & Field Level 1 Trainer
  • CrossFit Movement & Mobility Trainer
Learn More

Dr. Marissa Rescott


Marissa is a California-licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy from Ohio State University. Native to Upstate New York State, she grew up in the great outdoor playground of the Finger Lakes and went on to complete her undergraduate degree at St. Lawrence University where she studied neuroscience and first developed an appreciation for how the body and mind respond to pain and other stressors.
As a former collegiate runner, CrossFit coach, and lifetime adventurer, Marissa is passionate about empowering every person she comes across to move freely and live fearlessly. She has experience treating both Olympic-level athletes and recreational weekend warriors, and she particularly loves solving long-term nagging pain problems.

  • Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Pain Researcher
  • Myofascial Decompression
Learn More

Will Schneider

Certified Yoga Teacher

Named one of New York City’s most sought after yoga instructors by ClassPass, Will strips away the fancy words and techniques and simply helps you connect your brain and your body.

With 20+ years of leading all manner of people to improve awareness and health, Will also helps people improve mindfulness through retreats, corporate programs and the Men Talking Mindfulness podcast.

Nikki Ledford

Nikki Ledford is a chef, nutrition consultant, and natural foods expert based in Southern California. She believes that physical health and natural movement can be best supported by a diet consisting of real, whole foods.

Nikki’s own nutrition journey was borne out of a lifelong struggle with allergies, intolerances, insecurities, and frustrations. When Nikki began to experiment with her diet — nutrition quality, food source, preparation method, etc. — she began to experience noticeable changes in her body.

Drawing on personal experience and a desire to help others with similar issues, she decided to pursue nutrition full time. In 2011, she graduated from Bauman College, a holistic nutrition and culinary arts academy, in Santa Cruz, California, moved to Southern California, and launched her own business.
In her career, Nikki has helped a wide range of people — from cancer patients to elite-level athletes — achieve health goals and improve overall performance through better nutrition. In addition to serving a number of private clients, Nikki teaches nutrition and cooking classes, maintains an L1 Crossfit coaching certification, and practices yoga regularly.

Lindsay Renteria

Lindsay Renteria is a 7-time CrossFit Regionals competitor who began her athletic background in gymnastics at the age of 4. She competed in gymnastics for 10 years and coached the sport for an additional 4 years. Lindsay graduated from Cal State University, San Marcos, in 2012 and has been coaching CrossFit and personal training since 2010. She makes fitness fun and has a passion for helping people move, eat, and live better. When she is not at the gym, she enjoys snowboarding, hiking, and biking along the beach.

  • B.S in Kinesiology
  • CrossFit Level 2 Certified
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • Precision Nutrition 1
  • CrossFit Gymnastics Certified
  • CPR/First Aid

Coach Ray Fernandez

For Ray, fitness programs and the gym are more than meets the eye. His own experience with fitness taught him commitment to himself and to his health, created new bonds of great friendships, and provided him opportunities that have been endless. In 2013 he opened his gym, CrossFit 1904, with the hopes of providing others the same opportunity and to spread the joy of fitness and health to everyone, including the adaptive community. Throughout these years he earned a number of certifications, including the CrossFit L1 & L2, CrossFit Mobility, and USA Weightlifting certs. He has been a Lululemon ambassador and worked with many non-profit organizations like Team RWB, which inspired him to work with more adaptive athletes.

  • USAW Level 1
  • CrossFit Level 1 and Level 2
  •  CrossFit Weightlifting Trainer
  • CrossFit Mobility

How the M2 Experience Works

The Impact on You

In a matter of approximately 10 minutes a day, you will experience what deep work and real rest feels like. You will go through your days and weeks with a more mindful approach. You will hold onto the “happenings” in your world more lightly, you will begin to understand and apply the concept of owning your story. You will also see the value in letting go of experiences or people who do not serve you, and feel more present and attentive to the things that matter most.

What will happen with your brain-body connection

As you go through the Experience and make the space and time for the Pillars of the Experience, your brain will begin to physiologically rewire itself to be more focused, to think more rationally, and see things more clearly (declutter). The 21 days of the M2 Experience are specifically designed to rewire the brain to reduce negative emotions (pain, anger, depression, negative self talk, stress, anxiety, etc.) and increase positive emotions (gratitude, compassion, acceptance, love, kindness, fulfillment).

The Pillars of the Experience

Here are the Pillars you’ll be guided through as you progress through the M2 Experience.

1. M2Rx Workshop

This 30 minute workshop is like freshman year orientation, but waaay better. It’s the place to connect with your tribe and start learning from your Guides.

You will experience the core principles of mindfulness and movement, tap into a handful of amazing healing practices and create momentum for the 21 day journey.

2. Self-Assessments

Improve self-awareness by knowing where you’re starting from, scientifically. Join Dr. T as she leads you through our self-assessments designed to help you clearly understand your body’s particular imbalances, your emotional energy capacity, and your personal Work-Life Alignment.

Repeat these at the end of 21 days to track how much the Experience has changed your physical and emotional health.

Jon Macaskill

3. Daily Mindfulness Rx

Improve what you believe yourself capable of through progressive mindfulness lessons.

Retired Navy SEAL Commander Jon Macaskill curated and narrated this series of 5-10 minute habit-makers especially for this Experience to help you do the Deep Work you can’t get through apps or high intensity challenges.

4. Daily Movement Rx

The Experience includes live and pre-recorded events taught by Dr. Marissa, Dr. Megan, Will Schneider, Chef Nikki, and Fitness Coaches Ray and Lindsay.
Join these live fitness classes, soft tissue workshops, and health webinars, or watch the recorded replays.

5. Accountability Tribe

Our team will check in daily, encouraging interaction, answering questions and making sure you’re connected.
In addition, there are 4 Checkpoints with Jon and Dr. T where you and your tribe will share – deeply – what is working or not working.
Become a part of something bigger by giving support to the tribe, and by getting support in return from the tribe. You know this isn’t easy.

Expect to be vulnerable enough to share, and expect encouragement from the rest of the crew.

6. BONUS and Prizes

We have fun weekly prizes from our partners, PLUS everyone who registers gets a sweet Be Au Sm t-shirt and M2 Experience Kit!

And yes, there are awards!

More Details

Starting with the kickoff seminar on May 18 and continuing for the next 21 days, you’ll be led by Jon Macaskill and Dr. Theresa Larson through the Pillars, both live and pre-recorded in your secure members’ area. If you can make the live sessions, fantastic. But you don’t NEED to – everything can be done at your convenience.

They are designed to RECONNECT YOUR BRAIN & BODY and get you to BECOME SKILLED in thinking, moving, responding and eating mindfully, with all the support we can give you along the way.

After all, nobody needs more INFORMATION. You need GUIDED PRACTICE to build the RIGHT HABIT SET.

Once you book your spot in the Experience, you’ll be automatically registered for the May 18 workshop. The day prior- May 17 – you will also receive access to the Movement Rx platform and the private Experience facebook page.

You’ll start with the live kickoff session with your tribe, then every day you’ll get access to a different challenge that teach incredibly useful mindfulness skills and movement health drills. The early challenges are simpler, with the later challenges tapping deeper into how to better respond to pain and other triggers.

Every day, you’ll have access to get your questions answered in the M2 Experience facebook group, plus you’ll also have access to live weekly Check-point sessions and Movement Rx sessions. All training sessions are also live on Zoom and recorded, meaning you’ll have access even if you don’t do facebook or can’t make them live.

And your tribe is there with you along the way.

Coffee On Us Guarantee

We want this to be a no-brainer for you, so how about this?

Coffee on Us Guarantee. If after the 21 Days of the Experience you feel you haven’t received the full value of your investment, we’ll refund every penny and deliver you coffee for a week.

How to Get Into the Experience

What does it Cost?

The Value is at least $2,400

Here's how that breaks down.

Over the course of the Experience, you get

1. Four hours of time with Dr. T to help you work through physical pain or limitations ($600 value);
2. Four hours of Checkpoints with Jon and Dr. T and the Tribe to help you work through any hurdles ($600 value);
3. Two hours with Chef Nikki to improve your food habits and awareness ($250 value);
4. Two hours with Dr. Megan to help you vastly improve your body's function ($300 value);
5. Four guided fitness classes to improve how you exercise ($100 value);
6. Four mindful yoga classes with Will Schneider ($100 value);
7. Twenty-one guided meditations from Jon ($500 value)
8. Possible prizes from our amazing partners ($1,000 value);
9. And you get the SWEET Be Au Sm t-shirt and Challenge Coin ($39 value)!

That's $2,489 in total value, not including the prizes.

You pay $197

Speaking of coffee, that's the equivalent of a solid daily cold brew habit over the 21 days.

Spend as Little as 10 Minutes a Day...or as Much as You Want. Here's the FULL Schedule...

Week 1: REFRESH: Reconnect with Your Brain & Your Body

Wed, 5/18 Kickoff Webinar: Mindfulness & Movement Rx

Thurs, 5/19 Day 1 Challenge on Internal Selfies, PLUS Checkpoint #1, a live 30 minute session with Jon and Dr. T on the topic of Sharing Stories of Habits.

Fri, 5/20 Day 2 Challenge on Letting Go, PLUS a session on Your Belly and Your Brain with Chef Nikki, PLUS the live Starting Assessments - Dr. T will guide you through the Self-Assessments live, with a special focus on the Low Back.

Sat, 5/21 Day 3 Challenge on Letting Go of Your Story

Sun, 5/22 Day 4 Challenge on Finding the Breath

Mon, 5/23 Day 5 Challenge on Bringing Awareness to the Body, PLUS a live Dr. T Time focused on Finding Your Neck's Asymmetries, PLUS a live Strength class focused on THE SECRET Neck Relief Exercise with Coach Lindsay

Tues, 5/24 Day 6 Challenge on Mindful Listening, PLUS a live education session with Dr. Marissa on How Sleep can Combat Stress & Burnout.

Wed, 5/25 Day 7 Challenge on Walking Meditation, PLUS a live Yoga class with Will Schneider on improving your Spine's Flexibility.

Week 2: RE-ASSESS - What Habits Can You Build?

Thurs, 5/26 Day 8 Challenge on Escaping into Nature, PLUS Checkpoint #2, a live 30 minute session with Jon and Dr. T on What Habits Do You Want to Build?, PLUS a live Fitness class focused on THE Thoracic Release drill with Coach Ray.

Fri, 5/27 Day 9 Challenge on Equanimity

Sat, 5/28 Day 10 Challenge on Calming the Mind

Sun, 5/29 Day 11 Challenge on Overcoming Distraction

Mon, 5/30 Day 12 Challenge on Handling Difficult Emotions, PLUS a live Dr. T Time focused on Solving Your Neck Asymmetries

Tues, 5/31 Day 13 Challenge on Being at Peace with Pain, PLUS a live session on How Surroundings Make or Break our Habits, PLUS a live Strength class focused on the Asymmetry Busting Drill for the Neck with Coach Lindsay

Wed, 6/1 Day 14 Challenge on Meditating with Pain, PLUS a live Mindful Yoga class with Will Schneider titled Finding Stillness to See Habits.

Week 3: RE-LAUNCH - Building Strength & Habits

Thurs, 6/2 Day 15 Challenge on Overcoming Self-Doubt, PLUS Checkpoint #3, a Live 30 minute session with Jon and Dr. T on Re-patterning Movement, Food and Mindset, PLUS a live Fitness class on the Go-To Warm Up for the Neck and Back with Coach Lindsay.

Fri, 6/3 Day 16 Challenge on Alleviating Anxiety PLUS a live session on Re-creating your Food Habits with Chef Nikki.

Sat, 6/4 Day 17 Challenge on Diffusing Depression

Sun, 6/5 Day 18 Challenge on Finding Fulfillment in the Now

Mon, 6/6 Day 19 Challenge on Gratitude, plus a live Dr. T Time focused on A Routine to Keep a Healthy Neck and Back

Tues, 6/7 Day 20 Challenge on Loving Kindness, PLUS the live Closeout Self-Assessments where Dr. T will walk you through the final self-assessments.

Wed, 6/8 Day 21 Challenge on Tying it All Together, PLUS a live Mindful Yoga session with Will Schneider on Maintaining a Healthy Spine

Thurs, 6/9 Checkpoint #4, a live final session with Jon and Dr. T where they hand out awards and talk about WHAT'S NEXT on your journey!

So...to summarize

You get all the above, a guided path to rewiring your brain and body, with a risk-free 'coffee-on-us' guarantee

that you'd otherwise pay $2,489 for.

and you get it for only $197.

You Have Questions, We Have Answers

What if I miss a day?

It does not matter if you miss a day. You can go back and watch any of the sessions on demand. We know that you will want to re-watch some sessions over and over, and for that reason you have access to everything for an additional 2 weeks after the end of the Experience.

What if I already have a Mindfulness app?

That’s fantastic - use this Experience to enhance the skills you’re learning in your app of choice. The M2 Experience makes you aware of your physical, mental AND emotional states and includes elements to improve each. As such, the Experience is meant for both those who are new to mindfulness as well as those who have been practicing it for a while.

Where can I learn more?

Great question. Jon and Dr. T will be leading two upcoming webinars about the Experience. Expect to get a ton of value of of those webinars while getting your questions answered. Check those webinar dates HERE.

What if I want this for my company?

Easy-peasy. Either email us at wellness@movement-rx.com or schedule a call to learn how.

How can I get the best possible outcome from this Experience?

That’s actually pretty simple. Participate in all the elements, set a consistent time each day to take on the daily challenges (roughly 10-15 minutes), and don’t rush. We like to say that ‘iron sharpens iron’, so we encourage you to share in the facebook group to amplify what you’re practicing on your own.

What is required of me? What days/times are the live sessions?

Once you register, you’ll automatically be signed up for the kickoff workshop AND be provided access to the members area and facebook group. You are free to join as many or as few of the elements as fits your schedule. The kickoff workshop date is listed above. All elements will be recorded for you if you can't make them live. As for the BONUS elements described above, there’s something available every weekday.

What if I’ve already attended a workshop with Jon, Dr. T, or both?

That’s fantastic! The M2 Experience provides a far deeper dive into movement and mindfulness function, with significantly more impactful challenges to follow. You will also be able to join the live Check-point sessions, the live Movement Rx sessions, ask Jon and Dr. T questions, and connect with your fellow members.

What if I have questions? Can I talk to Jon or Dr. T?

Someone from our team is monitoring the facebook group daily. You’ll also have a chance to ask questions of Jon and Dr. T at the kickoff and the 4 Check-point sessions. If we’ve missed anything, or there’s something you need to know, just ask. Shoot a quick email to wellness@movement-rx.com with the words ‘MINDFULNESS QUESTION’ in the subject line and our rockstar support team will jump in and help out.

Describe the money back guarantee.

If you are unsatisfied for any reason, just contact us and let us know that you would like a refund. We will grant that request and remove your access to the program.

What if I don’t do facebook?

That’s actually a good thing, from a mindfulness perspective. All the live sessions will be on Zoom and facebook concurrently, plus they’ll be recorded and shared if you can’t make them live.

Are the elements of the program mobile-friendly?

Our platform and live sessions are optimized for any modern device. You can participate in the Experience using any combo of your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Who is teaching the workshop?

Jon Macaskill and Dr. Theresa Larson are the guides throughout the Experience, including the workshop. You will also be supported by other members of the Movement Rx team.

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