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How Your Health Affects your Sales

Perception is everything in sales. Being perceived as healthy and happy can affect your sales performance.

But do you really feel that way? Or do you find yourself having to put on your “sales face”?

In anticipation of the upcoming off-site training, we want to emphasize the connection between your health and the way you do business. Because your health IS your business. Read below for how you can improve your bottom line by focusing on YOU.

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#1. Higher energy levels improve sales performance

Building customer relationships requires energy, empathy, and persistence. Bringing high energy into your customer relationships communicates that you believe in your product or service, and you’re excited for them to experience what you’re offering. But you shouldn’t have to fake this energy…especially as your customers can tell when you’re not being authentic. There’s a better way to show up with more energy.

Your energy levels are directly affected by what you’re eating, how you’re sleeping, how much you’re moving, and how well you are managing stress: whether it’s work stress, family stress, or financial stress.




#2. Your health and happiness affect your relationships with your customers

Sales people who are happier and healthier are more likely to form positive relationships with their customers. Customers can tell when you’re relaxed and confident versus when you’re beat down and not taking care of yourself. Both stress and happiness are contagious, and most of us would prefer to avoid interactions with people who don’t seem to have it together in favor of someone who is cool, calm, and happy.

Have you ever wanted to buy something from somebody who is sneezing with a cold? Probably not. Your physical health is ALSO visible, front and center, when interacting with customers– when you’re hydrated, exercising often, and eating well, your face is brighter, and you move more smoothly, which communicates both competence and confidence.


#3. Workers with good health are more likely to be promoted.

Consider taking the stairs to climb the ladder. Whether you view this as a morally good or bad finding, the statistics remains neutral. Researchers at the University of Warwick found that the healthiest individuals got promoted more often from non-supervisory roles to managers. It’s unclear if this is due to energy levels, ability to focus, unique skills in managing their emotions, or something else entirely, but we see no downside to recommending a healthier lifestyle as a way to achieve career advancement. 


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