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The Power of Our Story: Dr. Theresa Larson

The Power of Our Story led by Sara Correll is a Virtual and LIVE experience that allows veterans and first responders to share their story and engage in conversation with each other.

Going into sharing my story on May 7, 2021, I didn’t know what to expect, and was ready for anything. I was excited to see who showed up and hoped I could bring something relatable and inspiring to the group.

I was blown away. So many of my fellow veterans and first responders showed up, folks I only knew from LinkedIN, some from my days running clinics in CrossFit gyms, some who had ready my book WARRIOR, and some I didn’t know, yet.

It was powerful to say the least, and I was able to share my story which on the surface looks different than most, yet underneath the surface was relatable to all.

I felt like I was talking to my fellow brothers and sisters who really wanted to be there to listen. They were not just fans or distant colleagues, they felt closer than that. While I began the story present day and worked backwards in a non-linear fashion I felt very loved and supported.

I was able to share this story that the public sees from the surface, yet also the vulnerability of what goes on under the surface when I am swinging big in business, asking for help, losing friends, and even family.

This community reminded me to not stop. While I know this, I also know that it is nice to hear you are doing a good job, keep going, you have come so far, and for a group to collectively say, “ you speak from the heart” really means a lot to me.

I’m excited to share more of my story and my continued journey in our 21 Day Mindfulness Experience. To learn more and join me with our next cohort, click here.

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