Movement Rx Corporate Wellness in 2020

Movement Rx and Corporate Wellness in 2020

Movement Rx Corporate Wellness in 2020: A Year of Opportunity

We’ve always taken pride in our versatility and ability to provide health and wellness opportunities to our community. Our mission in 2020 is to extend that knowledge and versatility to corporate America.

We’re passionate about empowerment through wellness and we believe that helping companies take ownership of their health provides a path to physical freedom that can positively impact not only your employees, but the bottom line of a business.

Movement Rx Corporate Wellness will provide all-encompassing health and wellness programs to businesses who want to think bigger and improve the well-being of their employees.

Dr. T explains how this fits into our plans for 2020 in the video below.

What is Movement Rx Corporate Wellness?

From HR directors to executives, Movement Rx Corporate Wellness helps identify and mold wellness champions within a business and gives them the tools they need to implement programs company-wide.

We know that most job descriptions don’t entail helping individuals get fit, stay fit, decrease pain and increase quality of life, so that’s where we come in! Movement Rx Corporate Wellness bridges the gap between business and health, providing the resources companies need to identify needs and implement solutions.

Encompassing all aspects of well-being, from nutrition and fitness, to pain-relief and mindset, Movement Rx Corporate Wellness offers comprehensive platforms and simple solutions for long-term health and healing.

Not only that, at Movement Rx Corporate Wellness we believe that connection lies at the core of optimal health. When employees feel connected to company leaders and believe that the business they’re working for has their best interest at heart, they’re proven to be more productive and dedicated to a business long-term.

Sustainable and Effective Solutions

Movement Rx Corporate Wellness identifies and addresses chronic health issues that affect employees, both mentally and physically, and provides step-by-step processes for recovery and healing.

No matter your business, or personnel type, Movement Rx Corporate Wellness is a sustainable and effective solution that will undoubtedly increase productivity, employee longevity, and give companies the advantage in the competitive world of corporate America.

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