Your Employees Pain is Your Problem

Your Employees’ Pain is Your Problem

This is may appear to be an unreasonable stance, but we assure you it is not.  Your employee’s pain is your problem. Your team members’ pain is your problem. Your pain is your company’s problem.

Let’s paint this a different way.  Imagine you have children and they have a coach.  There’s an injury to your child or a teammate, and the coach pays no attention to it.  That’s a problem.  As a business owner, executive, or HR leader if you are not paying attention to employee physical and emotional health you are missing the key variable in their productivity and contribution.

You don’t need to be an expert on pain.  But for the sake of your business you should be paying attention to it and how it impacts your employees and company performance.

Dr. T explains in further detail in the video below.

Employee Pain and Productivity

By some estimates, employee pain impacts productivity by as much as 25% above normal.  What’s normal?  The group behind the website found that employee minds wander 47% of the time.  Add in pain or injury, or stress from home, or emotional energy drains…consider how much more the mind is distracted.

Think about a time when you had pain.  Could you sit (or stand) all day and stay as focused as you might normally (whatever that level is)?  Unlikely.


The Importance of Showing You Care About Employee Pain

You may not want to care about employee pain.  There are so many other things to pay attention to, and you’re most likely not a health professional.  We encourage you to SHOW that you care.  You don’t need to know the ins and outs of pain science.  Just show you care by providing resources.

Time and time again, we find that organizations that provide resources to help employees deal with or prevent pain have better connection.  This is not scientific (yet), but we do see overall improvement in emotional energy outcomes when resources are clearly available.  Think about what this can do for retention.


Acknowledge Employee Pain

Pain is subjective, as employees have different levels of tolerance for different stimuli.  Because it is subjective, it is easy to inaccurately apply your own bias to what someone’s going through.  We’ve learned in our physical therapy clinics that simply acknowledging someone’s pain is a necessary step in the solving of that pain.

You of course are not going to solve an employees’ pain, but you can acknowledge it, show you care, and provide resources.  In our experience, those resources should help improve movement function rather than chasing pain or other short term approaches.


Movement Rx Corporate Musculoskeletal Programs

Movement Rx Corporate Wellness identifies and addresses chronic health issues that affect employees, both mentally and physically, and provides step-by-step processes for recovery and healing.

No matter your business, or personnel type, Movement Rx Corporate Wellness is a sustainable and effective solution that will undoubtedly increase productivity, employee longevity, and give companies the advantage in the competitive world of corporate America.

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