Weekday Mobility: Calf Performance (Part 3): An Individualized Approach to Treating a Calf Strain

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This video is simply how I, Dr. Theresa Larson, a California licensed Doctor of Physical Therapist, CrossFit Coach, CrossFit Athlete, and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist analyzed and treated Grant Foreman’s calf injury approximately 2-3 weeks post his initial strain of his medial gastrocnemius. This is my approach and may not work on everyone!

I focused a lot of my efforts on the tissues that support the foot in supination that is required when jumping and running (it is the push off position). His hip and calf were a part of the treatment process (chain reaction), but I also looked at the Posterior Tibialis, Flexor Hallicus Longus (big toe tissue) and Flexor Digitorum Longus, that runs very close to the medial calf and the peroneals-muscles directly opposite the posterior tibialis.

Note: When watching this video, understand this is ONE way to treat a calf strain and it was my individualized approach to Grant’s injury. Everyone is a little different and should be treated that way. However some of these techniques and methodologies may help some of you, and others it may not.