Turkish Get Up

Turkish Get Up

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Turkish get up is one of our favorite exercise here in Movement Rx. Aside from being intense, it involves a lot of movements in different parts of our body. Holding a weight overhead challenges your core throughout the entire exercise. Turkish get up increases your overall stability, awareness, balance and coordination. Very few exercises can boast so many benefits that’s why it’s our favorite! 😀

In addition to the benefits we stated above, if you are doing heavy power lifting training, there is a good chance that you would lose range of motion that would sacrifice your mobility in order to gain stability. Turkish Get-Up will help you restore that, particularly in the shoulder, which has a tendency to get hurt during this exercise.

However, due to the complexity of Turkish Get-ups, there is a high potential for errors, especially when starting out. Some of the mistakes include, failing to grip the kettleball properly, not actively getting up and not engaging your anterior core.

In the video above, we’ve shown you how we do turkish get up and going down with kettleball overhead. The important thing to remember when doing this exercise is to be more focus and to not lose balance.

Kinetic Linking: What is efficient movement?

The ability to move without creating extra energy.  When there is a stable base to move from there is less excessive motion in the system.  Therefore the potential to transfer energy from one area to another is increased.


Involves Transfer of Force to or from something
Involves Energy transfer thru extremities

Instability creates energy leaks
Poor pillar strength/ control  altered kinetic linking  energy links  inefficient movement patterns  decreased performance and increased injury risk

The Turkish Get Up is an excellent exercise for training kinetic linking.