Top 10 Reasons Why a Warm Up Will Improve Your Game

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Crossfit warmup and cooling down are good for your exercise performance. Before we engage in a heavy crossfit or an exercise, it is important that we do some stretching and warm up.This will allow our body will be prepared for an action. When we skip the warm up or stretching, this will result to:

  • body aches,
  • back pain,
  • muscle pain
  • and a whole lot more.

Here are the 10 reasons why a Crossfit Warmup will improve your game:

  1. Increases Blood Flow to Working Muscles: If you’re big like US – you have a lot of muscle that the blood needs to reach. Increased blood flow means increased nutrients.
  2. Increased Muscle Temperature: The increase in temperature allows the muscles to contract more forcefully as well as relax more quickly. In performance language – BOTH POWER AND STRENGTH can be enhanced. The overstretching of a muscle can cause injury but is less of a risk when the muscle temperature is higher. We KNOW WHO YOU STIFF PEOPLE ARE!!
  3. Increases Overall Body Temperature: This improves muscle, connective tissue elasticity which can help decrease the likelihood of a muscle strain or ligamentous sprain.
  4. Blood Vessels Dilate: This helps the resistance of blood flow to decrease which means there is less stress on the heart.
  5. Improves Efficient Cooling: By activating the heat dissipation mechanism in your body by efficiently sweating, then an athlete can cool efficiently and prevent overheating.
  6. Increases Range of Motion: Tissues are less viscous so it’s easier to change and perform mobility after a solid warm up.
  7. Hormonal changes in the body occur: The use of Carbohydrates or fatty acids are utilized for energy production.
  8. Helps with mental preparation for the workout: Your warm up should mimic the workout and activate the same tissues in the same motor patterns that the workout requires.
  9. It is SMART to warm up: THAT IS ALL
  10. Goal achievement both in Movement & Mobility: A solid warm up can not only improve your movement in the workout, but improve your ability to mobilize and make a change faster than if you were to do it cold! NUFF SAID!!

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