The Press Archetype: The Push Up and Midline Stability

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This week, Dr. Theresa Larson continues with this month’s theme of the Press Archetype by looking at pain with push ups. The push up is arguably the most likely movement to be executed with sloppy and inefficient mechanics. By prioritizing midline stability, athletes can generate force more efficiently and keep the shoulders happy and healthy.

Considered to be one of the easiest exercise movement to execute is push up. It helps activate nearly every muscle in our body which yields more than toned muscles and increase in endurance. With only this simple exercise, you’ll work several different muscle groups in your body and you can always increase difficulty as you get stronger.

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Progressions are a great way to break down movements for learning and fine tuning movements. In this Part 2 video of this week’s discussion on push ups and midline stability Dr. Theresa Larson of Movement Rx and Ray Regno of CrossFit Stronghold show you a simple progression to improve your push up mechanics and maintain midline stability.

Midline stability relies not only on our core muscles but on our body’s prime movers too. These include our hips, glutes, hamstrings and spinal erectors. This refers to the capacity of our body to maintain or have control on our spine will on load through full range of motion. It takes serious control of our muscles to keep our spine stable from top of the head to the base. If you achieve this, this will allow you to utilize the prime movers more efficiently.

Always be mindful of what your back is doing during your workout and lifting. A stable midline will help you increase your power and strength that is essential in preventing injuries.

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