The Lunge and the Split Jerk

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Everything you need to know about lunges and split jerk and how to do them right


If you are looking at fitting into your old skinny jeans and long bodycon dresses, doing lunges is the most effective exercise for shaping your legs and bottom. This exercise targets the quadriceps that includes glutes, hamstrings, calves and core muscles. This is important for toning your lower body. This exercise is also helpful to achieve a healthy back because it keeps your back straight and you chest lifted for the whole exercise.

Because lunges are executed using only one side of the body, this can help you balance your strength and add additional force on the weaker side of your body. This will help your muscle develop faster allowing them to get even with your stronger side.

Adding lunges in your daily exercise routine will help you get lean and shapely legs as well as firm bottom.

Split Jerk

The split jerk started since the beginning of weightlifting. It is done by throwing the bar above head while having the feet in a split position.

There are a lot of benefits from using split jerk. It allows a person doing it to be stable and develop a great support of the base. This is done by power lifters or weightlifters. While their goal is to always stay healthy, it is apparent that single leg exercises are important. Lunges, step ups, single leg deadlifts and the likes are exercises that can ensure that the lifters do not develop muscle imbalances. These exercises also improve the stability of the jerk.

In this video below, we will show you how split jerk is done properly.

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This week, Ray Regno continues our discussion on the lunge and its application in the receiving position of the split jerk.

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