How To Deal With Low Back Pain

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On a scale of 1-10, how much pain are you in? Your sciatica may be causing you a daily pain level of a “six” but is that the same “six” as the person next to you? Is it 60% of … Continued

Lower Back Pain: Take the Power Back

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What is Pain?   For the last four years I have treated hundreds of patients living in chronic pain. Through understanding joint and tissue health I have created a system of healing. This system allows relieves pain, corrects movement dysfunction, … Continued

Mobility for the Lower Back

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Mobility for the Lower Back   In our practice, we’re teachers first and foremost.  We find ourselves helping patients understand that the joint, muscle, and connective tissue surrounding their hip and pelvis provide them the structure for basic stability and … Continued

Neural Tension and Lower Back Pain

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Your lower back pain is not a result of tight hamstrings.  It’s deeper than the tissues. No matter how much you stretch, bend, and contort, the back pain isn’t going away without getting to the root of the issue. Your … Continued

Lower Back Pain Help from Movement-RX

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As a human performance based physical therapy company, we collect evidence every day that proves movement is the answer to musculoskeletal and orthopedic issues – like getting lower back pain help.  Movement is also a key answer to most physical … Continued

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