The Knee Fix

Those dang knees. What do you do if your knees hurt? Well, we’ll tell you. There is a knee fix.

Just like any other type of movement-driven pain, it’s not necessarily easy. Getting rid of knee pain is a process, not a pill.

We have distilled the key elements learned from working with thousands of squatters, jumpers, runners, kickers, walkers, and squeezers (the jiu-jitsu/MMA types). There are specific sets and sequences of exercises you can do to improve your knees, no matter your age or activity level. And surgery is not required.

Strength specialist Anders Varner (Founder of San Diego Athletics) and physical therapist Dr. Theresa Larson (Founder of Movement Rx) have combined their vast knowledge to help guide you to discover where your specific faults are and how to fix them to eliminate knee pain.

They’ve built an 8 week online program that combines knee function assessments and expert strength programming, and integrated that with world class functional physical therapy techniques that you can do on your own. We call it The Knee Fix.

You can learn more about it at

You can also start your path to knee health by downloading our Top 10 Movements for Solving Knee Pain. Click the button below to get the Top 10 Movements.


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