Opencare 2015, movement rx testimonialsWe are humbled by the calls, emails, and letters we receive from patients who have benefited from our particular approach to getting people better.  There’s a sampling below for your reference.  We’ve also been recognized by external organizations for the quality of the patient experience.





CrossFit / Olympic Weightlifting

Doug L., COO, Barbell Shrugged/Barbell Business

The experience I had with Movement Rx was one of the best physical therapy or chiropractic experiences I have ever had. It was extremely thorough. They really know their stuff and gave me great advice, better advice than I’ve ever gotten from just about anyone else I’ve ever gone to.

Steph G, Founder, Stupid Easy Paleo

When I came to Movement Rx, I had been dealing with lingering low back pain, hip impingement, and instability that had essentially pulled the plug on my normal training. Far from an acute injury, this back issue was nevertheless problematic because it killed my confidence under the bar and left me wondering, “Well, is this the beginning of the downward slide in my body?” (I’m 37.) I started having serious doubts about competing in weightlifting this year.

A mutual friend nudged me to see Movement Rx, and I’m so glad because in as little as a week I started to feel like myself again. Dr. Larson really took the time to carefully and methodically assess my movement and listen to my story, and worked with me on some simple exercises to start correcting the issue. The corrective exercises are something I can do without needing to see her three times a week which is awesome because I feel empowered to take care of myself with occasional check-ins. As an athlete, that means I get more time to train and spend less time going to appointments. It’s now been over 3 weeks since I first saw Dr. Larson, and the different in my training is night and day. I’ve been working up to about 80% of my max lifts and my back feels completely stable, and more importantly, pain-free.

If you’re dealing with issues that keep your body from moving the way you want it to, go see the Docs at Movement Rx

Shannon K,

After Crossfitting for a year, I began feeling tightness in the muscles on the left side of my spine. It wasn’t an acute injury, just an increasingly more pronounced tightness that made it impossible for me to brace my core. Which, of course, made it impossible to properly or safely do virtually every movement that is fundamental to Crossfit. I tried the “just push through it” approach, the “foam roll/lacrosse ball it to death” approach, and the “do yoga on rest days” approach, but nothing worked. After a frustrating three months, I made the difficult choice to stop Crossfitting temporarily with the goals of figuring out what was wrong with my back, how to heal it, and how to safely get back to Crossfitting again.

I saw many medical professionals over the course of the next six month period, including a primary care physician, two physical therapists, a massage therapist, a chiropractor, and an orthopedic surgeon. While I received a lot of advice to quit Crossfit altogether and replace it with something more low impact like yoga, never once did anyone ask me what I wanted or offer a solution that included coaching and a personalized recovery program that was designed to be completed in a set period of time. Enter Movement Rx. I received several glowing recommendations from friends of mine who were working with them. I was a bit skeptical, having seen so many practitioners with next to no results. But they promised me that Movement Rx was different, and that I should give them a chance.

Making an appointment to see Movement Rx was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. In my first appointment, they were able to tell me exactly what was wrong with my back and what we would do together to fix it and prevent the injury from happening again. Not only that, but they outlined a plan and a timeline for getting back into Crossfit again. They gave me a program to do in between appointments, and true to their word, I was back at the gym when they said I would be. After working with Movement Rx for a little over a year, not only am I back at the gym, but I’ve recently set new all-time PRs on the snatch and clean & jerk lifts, weights that are higher than I was lifting before I got injured. I’m also much more conscious of my breathing, bracing, and body positioning, which gives me better form and prevents me from getting injured in the future.

I tell anyone who is willing to listen that Movement Rx has been a miracle worker for me. They were able to do what no other practitioner I saw would or could – get me back to Crossfit and give me the tools and the knowledge to keep me there. I would recommend them to anyone looking to heal an injury or improve their movement patterns. Especially if they’ve tried other things that didn’t work.

Shane F, Head Coach of CrossFit Rowing & CrossFit Invictus Rowing Club

While recovering from a severe disc issue last year, I was in the pits trying to figure out how I was going to come back to the sport I love and work in. Enter Theresa. She graciously took me on as a client spending hours of her free time to guide me back to competition shape. I’m now going back to my 4th consecutive year at the CrossFit Games and I wouldn’t be here without her. Her knowledge, commitment, and heart make her a wonderful healer and I’d recommend her to anyone.

Carlie S, CrossFit Regionals Athlete

Huge, huge, HUGE shout out to Theresa Larson and Movement Rx for their amazing work ethic, vast knowledge, immense support, and sincere dedication to what they do! Thank you so much for all your help of me as an athlete and support of the CrossFit community. If you are ever in San Diego, look them up, they’re the real deal!

Matt G, CrossFit Regionals Athlete

I have had the opportunity to work with Movement Rx in two capacities: twice as a one time fixes and more recently I have had the privilege to work regularly as a part of the Monthly Maintenance Program.

When I saw them for the one time fixes, each time I had immediate relief and was given a rehab program which I could do on my own and got me back to full strength in about 2 weeks. The second time, my left arm would go numb anytime I pressed overhead, to make matters worse it was right before the CrossFit Open which I had been training to make CrossFit Regionals for over a year and this is the qualifier for it. Within about 7 days, my overhead pressing was back to normal and I was put in a position to finish 35th in the Open in SoCal and qualify for Regionals.

The Monthly Maintenance program has been great for staying on top all the aches and pains associated with training regularly as well as working on some movement pattern inefficiencies. In particular, regular maintenance on my shoulders, which due to training volume are always a little junky on top of working on other inefficiencies on my movement (hips and ankles).

So no matter which side of the coin you fall on, I highly recommend Movement Rx for your movement needs.

Jason A, Co-Owner and Athlete, CrossFit Convergence

Like a lot of you, I wasn’t in bad shape when I started CrossFit. However I had significant mobility restrictions (that I wasn’t even aware of) that prevented me from even doing many of the movements. In particular shoulder and hip mobility issues from decades of siting at a desk. In my three years of CrossFitting I have seen a number of PT’s and work on mobility daily (e.g. I know of what I speak).

Without a doubt Movement Rx has the most gifted CrossFit oriented Physical Therapists I have worked with. Since they work with so many CrossFit athletes and are a CrossFitters themselves, they are able to assess a client’s needs straightaway. Then, more importantly, they can walk the client through each of the Olympic and Basic CrossFit moves that they are struggling with and make immediate corrections. Lastly, like they did for me, they put together a plan that the client can implement for continued improvement.

Whether you are a seasoned athlete looking to shave seconds and PR lifts, or someone like me who is working on staying uninjured, Movement Rx can address your needs.

Joe L, Owner Offshore CrossFit

Thank you very much for all your help last night. Everyone had an awesome time. I can tell you that one of our athletes had a break through in the WOD at 7pm. She has had shoulder pain with going overhead and especially doing kipping pull ups for weeks now. Last night she was doing unassisted kipping pull ups with out the use of a band (first time in a WOD) and pain free!

Leon C, Owner CF Elysium

How many of you have nagging orthopedic injuries that don’t seem to go away, or mobility issues that are hindering your progress in the gym? Believe it or not, the answer is not always “foam roll it”. Sometimes rest won’t just make something better. Here’s a little story for you-

My jerk has always been the strong part of my clean and jerk. If I stood the weight up, you could count it- I was making the lift. In Feb 2014 I competed in a weightlifting competition, and found myself missing 100kg jerks (warmup weight for me). I managed to post a total, but for the first time in my life my jerks were failing me, and I had no idea why.
It turns out that I had enough mobility issues with my left upper body that my nerves were injured (technical term is neurpraxia). I literally could not lock out or support something over a given weight- my whole arm would just go dead. We have Movement Rx at our gym, so I consulted with them and my lifting coach, and we came up with a plan. Initially I was dejected, although you might not have been able to tell. Imagine how terrifying it is to have your nerves simply not work for you- no amount of “trying harder” or “pushing through it” is going to work. I was seriously worried that I would no longer be able to do something I love.

Fast forward to 4/26, the Fortius Open. Below is a video of my final clean and jerk which was a lifetime PR for me. Ignore the clean (which is shit). I smoked the jerk, and there was never a doubt in my mind. Movement Rx got me all the way back. My overhead strength is once again… a strength. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- we’re lucky to have them as part of the Elysium community. If you have ANY issues which may be bothering you, I highly recommend you consult with Movement Rx. Having your body work like it’s supposed to is priceless.

John F, Owner of CrossFit Hudson River

Dr. Theresa Larson is advancing our knowledge of movement mechanics. She is excellent at conveying the importance of good patterns as it related to human performance. Athletes, coaches, and laymen everywhere will truly benefit from listening to her message.

Brian B.

I’m really happy to feeling better too.  I’m finally starting to get some encouragement that I will be back to normal.   Thanks for all of your hard work gathering the knowledge and technique to help me.  So stoked to feel some light  at the end of the tunnel.  So stoked!”

John R, Former Marine Corps Veteran

I’m going to be honest: I have injured my lower back more times than a fit, 24-year-old male should. I have tried a variety of solutions to fix the problem, but nothing addressed the root of the problem the way Movement Rx did. After numerous attempts to resolve my injuries, there was only one solution that worked: Movement Rx.

Instead of temporary fixes that left me routinely seeing my doctors, Movement Rx took a systematic approach to addressing the issue. Additionally, they teach patients to perform self-maintenance to tackle the “why” and prevent the issue from reoccurring. This tactic is instrumental in allowing competitive athletes and functional fitness fanatics alike to return to their sport in a healthier and safer manner.

Their experience ranges from working with high-level CrossFit athletes (both young and old), wounded warriors, tri-athletes, Division I collegiate athletes, and more. Trust me when I say that they how to get you back on track.

Movement Rx is a firm believer in making change to your body, and they will give you the tools to make it happen. Their slogan “Get better, faster,” is more than just a catchy phrase – it’s a reality.

I was able to surpass my previous personal records, and I can attribute a lot of my success to the things they have taught me. Additionally, the docs at Movement Rx are different because they actually practice what they preaches. Their “lead from the front” mentality is evident because they are incredibly fit, and their own mobility will leave you with something to strive toward.

Whether it is an injury, a range of motion issue, or a CrossFit gym owner who wants to host a mobility seminar, Movement Rx is the best option.


Sarah R, Marine Corps Veteran, CrossFit Temecula South Athlete

I could not thank Movement Rx and the Resiliency Project enough for my own Marc Pro™ Device. I truly feel honored to have been chosen to receive such a wonderful device. I was able to put it to use last night and the results are amazing. Quickly relieves fatigued muscles that I constantly have to over compensate with. You are amazing people and you do amazing work with active duty and veteran personnel. Thank you!

Natahsha F

In the past, my physios had only focused on the local area of my injuries and the more I got, the more I was wrapped in bubble wrap. I always wanted a holistic approach to my rehabilitation to condition the whole body and reset ineffective movement patterns. After 4 years of seeing countless physios and following their programs religiously every day I felt like I was getting weaker so I decided to take my health into my own hands. I was sick and tired of being told that my life would be heavily restricted now and that I would have to consider a new job. I didn’t believe that there was nothing that could be done and at 23 years old I wasn’t willing to take a back seat to the rest of my life.

In my search to work around this predicament I came across Movement Rx and opted for a virtual consult to hear their thoughts. Immediately they could already see where I was going awry in my mechanics – I was pretty much executing all my loading patterns wrong! No wonder I was crumbling like a melting moment cookie. Four years with over 20 medical and physical professionals working with me, some for over 2 years consistently, and this one person had nailed it just by looking at a video of me.

I decided to fly over to San Diego and do a 3 week mobility crash course with them where I would train with them for three 90 minute sessions a week and then practice the skills they taught me every other day. The week I returned back home I was able to go back to work and full-time training which was 5 months before all my doctors and physios had predicted. All of the people at Movement RX were so helpful, supportive and encouraging. It wasn’t a matter of ‘I can’t’ with them. It was ‘how can we get you there?’
Thanks for a fantastic and rewarding experience Movement RX!

Stanton H, Doctor of Chiropractic, C.C.W.P.

Dr. Theresa Larson is a pioneer. In a world that can be quite sterile in nature, Dr. Larson has chosen a brighter path in the field of Physical Therapy. She focuses on mobility instead of chasing and symptoms and pain and gets closer to the root of common musculoskeletal ailments… simply put, she gets sustainable results that optimize performance. I appreciate Dr. Larson. She’s served our country honorably as a Marine, she continues to contribute profoundly to veteran’s lives and she’s an all-around great human being. I am honored to serve along side Dr. Larson in supporting our community’s quest for human health and equally proud to call her a friend. I recommend Dr. Larson with the highest regard.

Sarah P, Owner of Semper Sarah and Just Roll With it Wellness

I enthusiastically recommend Dr Theresa Larson as a speaker and mobility coach. Dr Larson’s passion, know-how, and personable explanations of techniques make her my go-to Physical Therapist and personal functional fitness coach, as well as a reliable, inspirational presenter at my national seminar series, Just Roll With It Boot Camp. Having been an athlete my entire life, to include a 5 time United States Military Olympic Soccer player, I’ve suffered a variety of injuries. Theresa skillfully, intuitively, and kindly provides care and instruction that improves my mobility right away and enables me to continue to achieve peak performance. Furthermore, she engages with our audiences and touches people on a very personal level. Theresa is highly regarded in both the veteran community and functional fitness world. You want her at your event, school, or gym!


Hunter M, Professional OCR Athlete,

My name is Hunter, I work as professional athlete in the sport of OCR and travel around the world hosting a adventure racing show called Boundless! I found Movement Rx a while back while helping coach Dr. Theresa for her first Spartan race, and she eventually competed at the elite level at the world championships in 2015. During this time Theresa also helped coach me in ways that kept my body in the game so that I could continue to train hard while competing back to back weekends in one of the world’s toughest sports. Athletes all have their own unique aches and pains, mine would come in the form of IT band syndrome. It is a typical over use injury for endurance athletes but the important part of healing this is to be active in my sport while fixing the problem. Movement Rx did just that. After several hands-on appointments and a few Skype sessions along the way I was able to work around my problem and continue to compete.
Working with movement RX made me appreciate my body and the training I put it through on a greater level. Most people just want to grind, however the truth is that you must create a recovery plan combined with hard training that will allow you to reach your full athletic potential If you’re a full time athlete or just a weekend warrior do yourself the favor of introducing yourself to Movement Rx. The team is there to help create a support system to help you reach all of your goals! Train hard, live hard, die happy 🙂

Kurt B, Naval Officer, CrossFitter, Competitive Triathlete,
Founder of:

As a competitive triathlete and avid CrossFitter, I spend a lot of time working on mobility for injury prevention. Between my responsibilities as a husband and active duty Naval Officer, and the time requirements of my training regimen, my time is precious. In just one hour-long session, Movement Rx was able to quickly identify several mobility limitations that contributed to a recurring hamstring injury that was hampering my return to triathlon training. They prescribed a home treatment and mobility regimen tailored to my individual needs that would easily fit within my hectic schedule. Within two weeks of starting their recommended protocol, my hamstring was fully recovered and I was back to running full-speed. Just one week after that, I set a new one-rep max deadlift PR without any residual hamstring pain! I strongly recommend their services to any athlete or CrossFitter who has any lingering mobility or injury issues – they’ll fix you up!

Derrick P

2014 marked my first attempt at an Ironman distance triathlon at Ironman Arizona.  Heading into the core of the training season a severe ankle injury and a full Crossfit load had left me with recurring shoulder pain and a variety of alignment issues. Movement Rx’s extensive knowledge and understanding of functional movement and the interrelated nature of the human body enabled me to complete the entire training season injury free. The strength and stretching programming they prescribed helped correct the imbalances resulting from the ankle injury and eliminated the shoulder pain. Whether training for an Ironman or focusing on Crossfit, I highly recommend Movement Rx to help maintain mobility and improve performance.

Josh B, Owner of Physio F.I.T.

I’ve been struggling with hip pain over the last 2 years and couldn’t seem to get a straight answer until I met Theresa. Theresa’s thorough assessment and exceptional knowledge of physical therapy, mobilizations with movement, and exercise have decreased my symptoms and allowed me to squat/lunge without pain. Her ability to assess and prescribe the appropriate treatment protocols while setting me up for success in my home exercise program is second to none. I can’t thank you enough Theresa!


Keith G, PeerFit Coordinator, Orange County Fire Association

Attendees represented all different skill and fitness levels and the content was appropriate for everyone in attendance. Creating the benchmark tests each day was a great way to help each individual see where they are deficient and also recognize immediate impacts with regard to mobility, etc. from the training. I think the training periods were a great representation of who Movement Rx is, what you do, and how the training can benefit people of all ages and fitness levels.

Kate H, Ph.D, Owner Precision-Wellness

Dr. Theresa Larson’s intellect, strong presence, and kind approachability set her apart from other mobility coaches and public speakers. She delivers an incredible workshop that promises to engage and inspire participants. Always audience-centered in her communication style, Theresa shares important wellness concepts in a language anyone can understand, and offers immediate practical application opportunities that are easy to appreciate. I highly recommend her as a speaker and workshop leader.

Masters Level

Carrie M

When I first walked in to Movement Rx’s office I was in so much pain I couldn’t function; after just one session with her I felt 70% better! After my second session I was feeling more than 90% better. I know in time I’ll be back to 100% thanks to her experience and knowledge.”

Thank you
Carrie M (age 47)

Joe C Aka J’Moan

Movement Rx, I felt very compelled to send you a big “Thank you” for the time you spent with me and while under your care begin the process of resolving some painful long standing mobility and functionality issues  stemming from old sports injuries (football, baseball, and karate).

Being 65 years of age, I felt there was only so much that mobility exercises and stretching movements could do and had resigned myself to continue to live with the pain and chalking it up to age, and do my best.  You proved to me in a very short period of time that I did not need to continue to live with the pain and that I could drastically improve  my mobility even at my age. You provided me exercise movements and tools that can and have already helped me alleviate pain, and increase both mobility and functionality in the activities I choose to be involved. I noticed several immediate results in spending just 5 weeks with you in my current avocations of golf and endurance horseback riding.
As to golf, the shoulders and hips have started to open up and the focus on the thoracic spine  area and scapula positions have allowed both better control and range of motion, and the results have been less pain the day after playing which is important, as I play multiple times a week. Additionally, I am able to practice more and continue to be a competitive low index golfer.

As to horseback riding in the back-country of San Diego in the Cleveland National Forests, the work you did on  my  spine, shoulders and hips has gone a long way to improve my enjoyment for riding and I believe will prolong my ability to continue to ride distances for many more years. I have less nerve impingement’s in my neck and shoulders and I’m able to go further at a fast trot without fatigue and complications.

I’m excited about the improvement in my mobility and functionality that your experience and knowledge has already given me. I  am, also, equally excited about the possibility of improving my mobility in order to improve my strength through weight training which is important for me and my contemporaries as we age. I believe the professional help and guidance you have provided me will keep me on the many outstanding golf courses we have in San Diego, and keep experiencing new back country trails on my horse.

Vic M, Masters CrossFit Games Athlete

I have been involved in sports at high levels for 30 years. My present passion is Crossfit. My goal in crossfit is to win the games in the Masters category. I met Dr. T from Movement Rx at my home gym, Santee Crossfit. Her presence was undeniably strong and confident.  I had been dealing with a serious wrist injury for 6 months this time around and 3 months the year prior. I was at the brink of giving up on my goals and crossfit. Previously had been resting, Ice, heat and acupuncture.  The injury held my training back from most everything overhead, clean, jerk, thrusters…. really anything that caused my wrist to move from the neutral position.. so basically everything crossfit hurt it. I booked an appointment and she did some work on my wrist, put me thru the tests.. some mobility.. etc.. She said that sometimes an injury is above the source of pain or below it.. that went against everything I know.. my wrist was hurting. Further information from Dr. T she said that the muscles, fibers, tendons and ligaments were stretched out causing the pain while working out. After several sessions my solution was to mash the forearm. A simple fix.. seemed too good to be true. From that point on and still today.. I am mashing. I ended up placing  a super close 4th in the Games for the 45-49 age category. Without Dr T’s and Movement Rx’s help I would have not been able to do it. Thank you Dr. T for all of your help thru my journey from injury to the games. You are the best.

Bob M, Masters Athlete

I was so excited I just needed to share…

As we have discussed, overhead squats have been a challenge since I started CrossFit and we addressed my mobility (or lack thereof) as a limiting factor.  A couple of weeks ago I was able to progress to a weight I had never done before and then yesterday I was able to complete a full snatch (squatting all the way) with 95 pounds – actually doing sets at this weight.  I have never done anything close to that before and am so excited about my progress with these movements.  It feels so good to be able to perform these exercises the right way, with the right technique.

Thanks for all your help!