Squat with your glutes!

Squat with your glutes!

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Guide in maintaining tension in the hips and glutes during a squat

Movement-Rx movement coach and resident video guy is also a member of the CrossFit L1 Trainer Seminar staff as well as the CrossFit Weightlifting staff. Here’s a great cue to make sure you’re maintaining tension in the hips and glutes as you squat.


For those of you who lose tension in the hole, this one is for you!
We often hear powerlifters use the cue “spread the ground!” For me, this cue from Ingrid made much more sense to explain what we are going for.

One of the best exercises that you can try whether you are trying to lose weight or build muscles is squat. It is one of those exercises that is hard to do properly but the results are going to be amazing once done correctly.

In the squat, it’s super important to keep the glutes engaged. Yes, that’s true! This cue has worked wonders for a bunch of my lifters and hopefully it will help you, too.

Step 1: Set your feet by pressing your big toe into the ground. This will help keep your feet rooted throughout the whole foot.
Step 2: Imagine pulling the heads of your femurs sideways out of your pelvis. If you do this correctly you should feel the side of your butt firing.
Step 3: Initiate the squat by continuing to spread your hips sideways and sit straight down. If you are pulling sideways, your butt will automatically sit down and back. Remember we don’t want to send our butt excessively back as we’ll lose our upright torso.
Step 4: Maintain tension all the way into the hole and accelerate back up.
Give it a try. You should feel much more solid and will be recruiting more musculature… and hopefully move more weight!

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