Sled Pulling

One of the main obstacles you will see with the Elite racing divisions is pulling a heavy object like a sled or even a tractor of some sort. Here are the main points you want to consider when pulling a sled:

1. The lower you are to the ground the less force you need to actually displace an object or pull it a given distance

2. Set up your spine in a braced lumbar flexed position. Similar to a deadlift you should not be looking up at the sky as you lift a load or pull a tractor. As shown in the video, hold onto the straps with both hands keeping your arms taut in an externally rotated position. If the straps are loose and you are actually pulling a tractor using your hands to help guide you along the ground is totally legit as well.

3. When starting to pull from a dead stop, start in a low squat position, feet neutral, hips back and down, and drive forward like you are going to bull doze through a cement wall like you just don’t care. Do not start in a lunge position…two legs are stronger than one here.

4. As you pull, to keep the momentum of the large object, keep your body driving forward and low, and do not stop

5. Breathe through the nose and out through the mouth filling up your diaphragm and creating more space and tension in your intra abdominal region which in turn will protect your back.

6.Don’t stop! Have Fun!

1. Posterior Joint Capsule of your hip joint to help improve flexion in the hips

2. Ankle Joint to help improve dorsiflexion