Scapula Drills for Shoulder Stabilization

Scapula Drills for Shoulder Stabilization

Many athletes, knowingly or unknowingly, are excessively trap dominant. This leads to poor shoulder position and leaves you more prone to shoulder injury. In this video, Dr. Claudia Chaloner and Coach Ray Regno introduce 3 simple drills to help strengthen your lats to help create stability in the common gymnastic movements: the pull up, the dip, and the handstand that will help you in scapula stability.

The scapula or the shoulder blade is part of our body that connects our upper arm to our collarbone. More than perhaps any other joint in our bodies, the shoulders demand close and careful attention. We always use them on our daily routines. Most specially when we are lifting, getting things, or even brushing teeth. Scapula is important so we can use our hands.

The scapula and the muscles around it plays a very important role when it comes to upper arm and shoulder movements. When you have a weak muscles around the scapula, your shoulder will have poor performance as well and will be close to injuries. This is a common injury we see with our clients here in Movement Rx. It’s really frustrating if you can’t do anything because your shoulders are hurting.

Shoulder injuries typically occur when the muscles of the shoulder are fatigued. For this reason, exercises on these should be performed well with 2-3 set of repetitions in order to increase muscular endurance.

That is why, here in Movement Rx, we make sure that we include this in our work out. Strengthening the scapula and shoulder will help you in performing resistance training or any intense physical activities.

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