Run Like a Lion is Sleeping

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Run like there is a lion sleeping…literally

A common fault among runners these days sounds like a heard of elephants stampeding through the room when really its just one person running with faulty mechanics.  In order to get rid of  the elephants, as well as the foot pain, knee pain, back pain etc…. I like to ask people to pretend a lion is sleeping.    What exactly does this mean?  It means you want to be as quiet  and light on your feet as possible without slowing down, because ya know, you don’t want to wake that scary lion.

Most of those that come down too loud on their feet are heel strikers.  The problem with this is not only are you creating more impact for your joints, you typically will land with your joint in more of a closed packed position which places you at a higher risk for injuring one of those joints.  More than likely you also will have a longer stride length, which creates more of a braking mechanism in your stride and decreases your running efficiency.


Lion in the room



Elephant stampede


As you can see in the picture above the runner in blue has a smooth transition from one stride to the next.  The runner in red who is heel striking is throwing his foot out as if he is slamming on the brakes every step.

If you are having issues with running or if you are just not sure how you run, give this one simple cue a try… pretend there is a sleeping lion!

-Dr. M