Real Strength Matters: Becoming a Warrior

Real Strength Matters: Becoming a Warrior

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Becoming a Warrior

Today, our guest is Theresa Larson who is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and the Founder of Movement Rx, a company that provides personalized movement performance. Movement Rx specializes in helping athletes, crossfitters, and everyone else with individualized wellness and movement performance programs. Theresa is no stranger to athletic performance as she was a semi professional softball player, an award-winning fitness competition contestant, and a crossfit athlete.

She was also a Lieutenant in the Marines and led a platoon deployed in Iraq. She has also struggled with eating disorders and is the author of Warrior: A Memoir. Theresa grew up in Seattle in a log cabin and her dad was a lumberjack. She played softball in college and then joined the Marines. Her family was very patriotic, so this seemed like a natural step. She struggled with an eating disorder and eventually left the Marine Corp, became a Physical Therapist, and wrote her Warrior memoir.

– Seb Morgan & Josh Kennedy, Check out Dr. T’s interview with Real Strength Matters