PRP Prolotherapy

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The patients and fitness/wellness professionals we work with usually pepper our team with questions about hot topics in health and fitness.  One topic that has come up quite frequently has been what’s commonly known as “PRP.”  Some know it as that “German procedure” or “the procedure Kobe Bryant got.”   More accurately, PRP is a type of Prolotherapy.  The Movement Rx team wanted to make sure that we spoke with an expert who worked with a similar patient population to address some of the most frequently asked questions and information behind this topic.   Recently, Dr. Theresa Larson had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Saman Soheily, a Naturopath from Spark Health in Solana Beach and discuss Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Prolotherapy and Dextrose Prolotherapy.   Watch the video below for the interview.

Dr. Soheily covers the following in the video: 

  1. What is a naturopath and what do they do at Spark Health
  2. How does Prolotherapy work in conjunction with Physical Therapy or Movement Therapy
  3. What is PRP vs Dextrose Prolotherapy
  4. What types of injuries is Dextrose vs PRP Prolotherapy used
  5. When a patient should consider Prolotherapy
  6. What is the research behind Prolotherapy (PRP and Dextrose)


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