stem cell
Stem cells are powerful cells, extracted from a patient’s bone marrow, that release growth factors and anti-inflammatory factors that powerfully regenerate injured tissue and/or cartilage. Stem Cells treatments can be the most effective and/or appropriate treatment option for pain and dysfunction from severe osteoarthritis of the knees, hips, shoulders and spine. Patients with severe degeneration who seek an alternative to joint replacement can experience restoration of joint function. After a consultation and diagnostic ultrasound exam, the regenerative medicine professionals will schedule a procedure time.

On the day of the procedure, the patient first has a blood draw in the typical manner to harvest PRP. Next, bone marrow from the hip is obtained with sterile technique. The stem cells are harvested from the marrow sample with a centrifuge process.. The patient receives both the platelets from their blood and the stem cells from their bone marrow to stimulate a very powerful regeneration of severe cases of osteoathrtitis.

Stem cell procedures are delicate. It is important that the cells stay in the area they are injected. Excessive motion of the joint will push the cells out of the area. The best results are attained by initially limiting motion of the joint or area injected. This allows the body to heal optimally.

Stem cell healing time: 50-75% improvement expected in 3 months, 100% of benefit is expected to be achieved within 12-18 months.