alpha 2 macroglobulin
The effectiveness of PRP is sometimes enhanced by including additional autologous biologics, such as autologous fibrin glue and Alpha-2-Macroglobulin. Tendon tears heal better when autologous fibrin glue is combined with PRP, as the fibrin can “super-glue” the tendon back together as the PRP stimulates growth and regeneration. The best known regenerative therapy for osteoarthritis is Alpha-2 Macroglobulin, known as A2M. A2M, also from a patient’s own blood, specifically prevents inflammatory breakdown of joints and tissues. It is very effective to add to PRP when treating joints and meniscal degeneration.
PRP Procedures are delicate. It is important that the cells stay in the area they are injected. Excessive motion of the joint will push the cells out of the area. The best results are attained by initially limiting motion of the joint or area injected. This allows the body to heal optimally.
PRP healing time: 50-75% improvement in 3 months, 100% in 12-18 months.