Movement Rx offers a variety of human performance, wellness and physical therapy programs:

  • For individuals: Comprehensive physical therapy evaluations and treatments; personalized human performance coaching through improving movement
  • For boxes/gyms/fitness centers and teams: Proper movement mechanics and mobility workshops for coaches, instructors and athletes
  • For Company Owners and Benefits Coordinators: Corporate wellness programs to improve health & productivity in the workplace

At Movement Rx, we work with various other alternative medical health experts that allow us to take a 360 degree view of performance – from what goes into your mouth to how your body performs to your mental focus.

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Virtual Consultations:

Although in-person appointments are preferred, Skype/Facetime consultations with our Performance Coach/DPTs are available for those who live out of the area or are not able to make it to Southern California. Please contact us so we can discuss your current plan of care, your goals, your current orthopedic injuries, mobility programming and or just general wellness advice.

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Links to Programs:

  1. Indviduals
  2. Corporate Wellness
  3. CrossFit Mobility & Movement