We are pleased to announce our newest service, the Movement Rx Performance Seminar! Our seminars are two or four hour intensive sessions that combine movement, mobility, and performance. The topics will vary, and will help participants rapidly accelerate gains in the gym as well as provide them with recovery tools.

Why attend?

If you want to improve your performance (farther, faster, more weight, more reps, less time), extend your athletic life, or to move without pain, then sign up for a Seminar!

Current seminar topics to choose from include:

  • Overhead Movements and Performance:  This seminar is relevant to anyone who throws, does pull-ups, or pushes or holds weight overhead.  This can be in the gym, in a sport, or at work.
  • Squat Movements and Performance:  Relevant movements include jumping and, of course, squatting.
  • Running and Single-Leg Performance:  This seminar focuses on running, but also is important for single-leg movement ‘shapes’ like lunges, split jerks, and split squats.

Our seminars are meant to provide you with the knowledge and tools to identify and fix your own movement dysfunctions or those of people you coach or train (we all have these dysfunctions).  Starting with a short lecture on relevant theory and anatomy, you will quickly begin practicing tests that help you differentiate between mobility and motor control.  In the second half of each seminar, you will learn and practice techniques and exercises that will help you fix your movement limitations and dysfunctions.

To learn more about a seminar, or to schedule one at your gym, work, or for your team, contact us.

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