Mobilizing During an All-Day Competition

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Alright, who’s psyched for Saturday’s TeamFIT Competition!? Should be a glorious day in La Jolla…

As Saturday’s competitors know, there are 3 team events throughout the day, using the whole body. The basic overarching philosophy here is:

  • Basic mobs before the workouts
  • Soft tissue mobs after the workouts
  • Keep your form (!!!)
  • Manage your nutrition intake

Event 1:  4×100 yd weighted Sled Drag Relay, then 4×100 yd Sprint Relay

Event 2:  7 Min AMWAP (ground to overhead)

Event 3:  2 min AMRAP of Pull-ups/Muscle-ups, followed by 22 min of various Oly and Gymnastics Movements (nasty!!)