Midweek Mobility: Staying Strong while Improving Your Overhead Capacity

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Do you have trouble with overhead squats, do your elbows want to bend at the bottom of your squat? Do you feel unstable in your shoulders when you go overhead? When you row, is your tendency to want to round your shoulders? Do you naturally round your shoulders when you stand anyways? Do you experience pain doing an overhead lift?

Whether its your day in and day out posture, your joint mobility, a motor control issue, and or all of the above there are many ways to fix your mobility and movement while maintaining strength and endurance. Without full mobility your body has to work harder and is more likely to cause stress and strain on tissues that matter. This will not help you in your daily life. And it can be so frustrating to feel any kinds of pain in our body.

While you are working your overhead lift or mobility, use this exercise to help stay strong and force you into solid stable positions. This rowing exercise literally blocks you in external rotation and forces your spine to maintain stiffness so you are engaging that large collagen sheath= thoracolumbarfascia= force producer of the spine, 100% of the time.

How to do it

Turn your palms facing up which will hold the external rotation of the shoulder joint which will have the thoracolumbarfascia already wound up. Keep a stiff spine by squeezing your butt and or lifting the pelvic floor followed by keeping the rib cage down, and get rowing.  Your power output while rehabbing those shoulders will stay the same if not improve.

Below is suggested Duration and Rest for the first week to two weeks while working on your overhead shoulder mobility. Increase duration and intensity as needed.

5 minutes inverted rowing (measure watts or minutes/500m), rest 5 minutes, row another 5 minutes (measure watts or minutes/500m).