Meeting the Spartan Pros

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Those of us in SoCal have been aware of obstacle course racing (OCR) for quite a while, as the Camp Pendleton Mud Run has been a source of weekend warrior stories since 1993.  However, in the last 5 years, as social media has infiltrated our lives, OCR popularity has erupted largely through its social media-friendly esprit de corps.  In 2014 there were estimated to have been 10 million participants in races in 30 countries. These races thus resulted to some of spartan race injury.

Part of its power is that it appeals to folks from the office world, the strength and conditioning world, and the endurance world.  Whether you CrossFit, like to run, enjoy adventure, or enjoy cameraderie and competing, then OCR may be the sport for you.


The worldwide leader in OCR events is Spartan Race (  With Reebok and NBC Sports in the fold, Spartan has created an opportunity for racers to become full-time professional OCR athletes.  Dr. T recently caught up and trained with a couple of the world’s leading OCR pros.


Watch the interview below to find out the following:
  • What made Cassidy Watton, one of the top female racers in the world, make the leap from solely training with CrossFit to include Spartan Race training.
  • Why Hunter McIntyre, one of the top male racers in the world,  thinks Spartan Races are such dynamic sports competitions.
  • What are the biggest potential pitfalls of an athlete preparing to jump into a Spartan Race?
  • The number one injury Dr. T has seen in OCR and what causes it.

    Also, Dr T is signed up for the Spartan Ultra Beast in Lake Tahoe this October 4th.  Come join her, or cheer her on.  This will be completely epic!