Lower Back Pain Help from Movement-RX

Lower Back Pain Help from Movement-RX

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As a human performance based physical therapy company, we collect evidence every day that proves movement is the answer to musculoskeletal and orthopedic issues – like getting lower back pain help.  Movement is also a key answer to most physical and emotional impairments.


Movement Matters

Your body is designed to move a lot, not sit a lot. Your spine is designed to be loaded, not hunched over staring at your phone. The positions and patterns of your movement are indicative of the quality and longevity of your health and life.

Here’s what we know to be true based on our practice and research with athletes, regular folks, wounded warriors and organizations:

  1. When braced properly, the spine is capable of handling hundreds of pounds safely and without pain.
  2. The human body is designed to be pain free. Pain is common, but not normal. You need to believe you can heal.
  3. Your diagnosis is not the issue. That’s just a description of the patterns you create through incorrect and infrequent movement. These patterns are found in your brain and body.
  4. Movement helps your joints, soft tissue, mind as well as your digestive, respiratory, circulatory, endocrine (hormones), and reproductive systems. Movement is the lube for every system in your body.


Lower Back Pain Help

A daily Movement-Rx (prescription) is the path to long term health. Your body is a system of systems. They all must flow together in order for each of them to work. Your movement is the connector of those systems. Without proper movement, you override the neurological wiring your body was born with. Your brain recognizes these improper movement patterns as a threat. To stop that threat, pain is its only weapon to stopping you from continuing to harm your body.

Our colleagues at The Low Back Fix published an article on a meta-review of over 80 research articles.  If you suffer from low back pain and do not know where to turn, THIS ARTICLE thoroughly explains your best options for lower back pain help.