Hump Day Quickie – Shoulder Flexion

Hump Day Quickie – Shoulder Flexion

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Have you noticed a theme lately? There’s lots of mobility drills that you can do that are simple and rely primarily on using belly breathing to open up stiff positions. These drills help you improve shoulder flexion.

One of the most common shoulder flexion exercises involve holding a weighted object with your arms straight and raising it in front of you. If you put one hand on the opposite shoulder and raise that arm straight in front of you, you will feel a muscle pop out in the front of the shoulder. A combination of pushing and front raising exercises will give you best workout for your arms and shoulder.

If you have these exercises and include them in your workout, make sure that you do the pushing first because they involve a lot of joints and muscle groups in your body.

In this video below, we are going to show you how to do breathing properly in a stretching position (as shown in the video). Make sure that you follow this video to help you in your shoulder flexion exercises. We all know that breathing is the most important part of workout. If you don’t do it properly, you will get exhausted quickly and then your body will hurt afterwards. Check this video out below to improve shoulder flexion.

Set yourself up so your hip is approximately 90 degrees. Tuck your pelvis under and lock it in place. Take a big belly breathe inflating your belly first and then expanding into your upper back. Exhale and sink your body deeper into flexion (hands behind your head). Repeat for a few breaths.

Make sure to keep your tail tucked UNDER. Don’t overextend. That defeats the purpose of the mob.

Have fun and let us know how it goes!

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