How to deal with low back pain

How to deal with low back pain

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How to deal with low back pain, lower back pain treatment

Have you ever suffered from low back pain?  Obviously, you’re not alone.
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61% of Americans report experiencing low back pain, according to a 2012 survey by the American Physical Therapy Association.

Roughly 10% of us have back pain at any one time.  And it affects our exercise, sleep, work, and ‘activities of nightly living’ the most.

lower back pain treatmentThe causes can be multiple, according to the APTA. At Movement Rx we’re pretty adamant that most cases are due to poor movement habits and/or weakness in specific parts of the body.
lower back pain treatmentWhat your regular activities are often dictates the types of things you’ll do to alleviate it. Heat, ice, medications, and not moving are the most common ways people use to treat the symptoms. These are mostly WRONG!
lower back pain treatmentThe BEST thing to do is to keep moving. Just as important is moving CORRECTLY. We don’t have specific stats on this, but the vast, vast majority of low back patients we see have faulty movement patterns. Fixing those patterns optimizes the chances of eliminating back pain.
lower back pain treatmentIt’s imperative to avoid poor movement mechanics. If you think you don’t have faulty mechanics, we’re sorry to tell you that you’re absolutely wrong. Whether that’s sitting, standing, walking, running, biking, lifting, swimming or something else, your responsibility to your body is to move well. That could mean interrupting seated sessions every 30 minutes, losing the raised shoes, texting with a straight neck, or fixing your techniques in your preferred exercise. It almost always means strengthening the complex system of support muscles that impact your low back.
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