Hip Extension Drills – Use Your Glutes!

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Have you ever been told if you are a pain in the ass? I have! Next time, tell your “friend/loved one/enemy” that that is technically untrue! Most pain in the hind quarters area is in the low back, not ass. The low back is a place where, mechanically, people need stability and also hold in a lot of emotional tension. So saying you are a pain in the back is actually more relevant.
Now enough funny business, why does back pain exist? One major mechanical reason is that we live overextended and our low backs act as our ass. Our low back isn’t meant to be doing so much work; when we squat, deadlift, walk, etc. Because we live overextended, breathe overextended,  and sit a lot, our ass power is reduced. In this video, our friend Roy Perkins, a Para-Olympic swimmer, demonstrates a drill to re-train his ass to work more efficiently rather than relying on his low back. It is a quick and simple drill you can do 1-2 sets per day, 10-15 reps.