Targeting Hip and Back Pain in Yoga

Targeting Hip and Back Pain in Yoga

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Calling all San Diego yoga peeps!  If you ever feel hip and back pain yoga or hip limitations with yoga, you are definitely not alone. Yes, it’s true! Low back pain in yoga (and any other activity) and its close relative, hip/pelvic limitations, are the most common issues we see in our physical therapy clinic. And it’s really not a good thing if you love doing yoga. Yoga does not only help you feel better and relaxed but also an essential exercise to keep your healthy 🙂

Eliminate hip and back limitations in yoga, hip and back pain yoga

We have created a workshop specifically to help these issues and so you will have a better yoga experience.
Answer the questions below to see if this workshop is for you.

Do you ever have tight hips?

Do you ever feel pelvic or back pain?

Would you like to get to the root cause and fix it?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, then we have a very special workshop for you!

On Saturday, May 13th Mosaic Yoga will host a 90 minute workshop led by national movement expert Dr. Theresa Larson, DPT (Founder of Movement Rx and The Low Back Fix).

Dr. T will lead you through a number of self-assessment techniques to help you identify the root cause of any pain or issue you might be experiencing in your hips or back.

You’ll learn that the PLACE of discomfort is rarely the CAUSE of discomfort, as well as key drills that incorporate the breath, spinal dissociation, and neural re-education to help you move with more comfort in your yoga practice and life.


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