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Doc & Joc Podcast

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The Adaptive Athlete with Theresa Larson

This week we sit down with Movement RX physical therapist, Mobility Wod instructor, and soon to be mommy Theresa Larson to discuss the challenges associated with being an Adaptive Athlete.  This is a small but growing population in the training community and you may be surprised at just how many may be training in your facility without you even knowing it.  The key to recognizing them is simply knowing who your training partners and athlete our.  Asking simple questions and getting to know the folks you are training with is the key.

To help coaches acclimate Adaptive Athletes to the training environment Theresa has developed, and will be launching the CrossFit Adaptive Athlete Course.


To learn more about our work with adaptive athletes and upcoming seminars (coming out July 2016) or schedule an appointment with our DPT’s  visit: